Well, yes, but, but…..

England’s steepest street has been named by the Ordnance Survey for the first time as as a hill in Bristol, where residents tie their cars to lampposts to stop them from rolling away.

Bristol’s residential Vale Street has the steepest gradient in England with a slope of 22-degrees.


While the hill may be tricky it does have its upsides. Katherine Haddow, who lives on the street, added that the slope gives home-owners the advantage of a “completely un-obscured” view across the city.

Well, it gives a great view over Brislington which might not be all that much of an advantage. Still, they can see the Bath Road from there. You know, the route out of Bristol and off into civilisation.

10 thoughts on “Well, yes, but, but…..”

  1. “…the route out of Bristol and off into civilisation.”

    Watch it.

    Spent my first 19 years in BS3. Mum still lives in the same house she and dad bought in 1960.

  2. Doesn’t look like cars are being tied to lampposts. How would you do that? Toss an anchor out to catch the lamppost as you drive by? Have someone meet you as you come home and quickly secure your car hooking a rope over your tow bar?

  3. There are, apparently, only two lamp posts in Vale Street. So, like so much of what you read in the press, fake news.

  4. I spent 3 years at Reading Uni. It was (is) a shit Uni, aping Oxford. The best part of Reading is that it is conveniently located on the M4 and the M25. It is England’s easiest place to leave, and I was on the first bus out.

  5. View from the Solent

    The Telelaugh’s full headline –
    “England’s steepest street declared to be a hill ”

    FFS, what else would it be?

  6. I used to live near Blake Street in Sheffield – number 3 on the list – but I would have thought that Church Lane in Whitby was steeper. There have been cases of cars rolling upside down attempting to drive down there.

  7. Looking at Google Maps, there is a rather dramatic home extension in Vale Street to be seen….!

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