Wings Over Scotland libel case

Those of us south of the border won’t have heard much about the Wings Over Scotland blog. An amusement being that it’s vociferously pro-indy and written from Bath. The writer of which was trying to sue for defamation. The answer to which was:

He also described Mr Campbell as someone who has “chosen insult and condemnation as his style”, and said the blogger cannot expect to be able to “hold others to a higher standard of respect than he is willing himself to adopt.

“I do not accept that he can dismiss the feelings or reputations of his opponents cheaply, but receive a high valuation of his own.

Seems a fair verdict.

6 thoughts on “Wings Over Scotland libel case”

  1. Can’t say I’m fond of either of them, but he is such an abject twunt, I am glad he’s wasted his legal fees.

  2. Fun fact: Stu Campbell used to be one of the finest games journos around (admittedly, not exactly an Einsteinian achievement) back in the good old days of AMIGA POWER.

  3. @Steve

    Oddly when you turned up on this blog, your writing style instantly brought Stu Campbell’s Amiga journalism to mind.

  4. What a face he’s got! That is the archetypal face of an angry little jock that is. The face of a man not getting any.
    And more fair comment that he so richly deserves.

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