Yeah, but they’re not corrupt

Brazil governed by ‘lunatics’ and US ‘lackeys’, says ex-president Lula

5 thoughts on “Yeah, but they’re not corrupt”

  1. ““Now I see news that the mayor of New York doesn’t want to have dinner with the president of Brazil,” he added, in reference to a recent campaign backed by Bill de Blasio to stop Bolsonaro being honoured in New York because of his homophobic views and hostility to the environment.”

    You can hear the pain can’t you? ‘I used to go to such nice dinner parties, and the right-winger ruined it all!!!!’

  2. The only winner is the President of Brazil, who won’t have to tax himself keeping a straight face through dinner at the rampant hypocrisy and self-absorbed small-talk of New York’s elite.

  3. Well the Graun’s headline this morning was “Nuclear Weapons: Trump pulls out of UN arms treaty”. The first two words I definitely remember correctly.

    The treaty has nothing to do with nukes, total fake news.

  4. @Tim W

    They’re South Americans, of course they’re corrupt.

    The fact they’re politicians confirms they’re corrupt.

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