May 2019

This is actually true

I was asked if someone could quote me.

Sure, quote away. I’m still fully in touch with my inner child, both surprised and delighted that the adults pay attention to anything I say.

I dunno, maybe there’s a stage of life when I’m supposed not to think or feel this way. Haven’t got there yet, obviously.

Well, no, not really

He is seen by many historians as the figure behind some of the greatest national projects of his time, and a loving husband who supported Queen Victoria throughout her reign. But Prince Albert gets too much positive press, historian Lucy Worsley has said.

He was dead by end 1861. She had another 40 years of reign to go.


And this is even more stupid:

Worsley told a packed audience of 1,700 people at Hay festival that Albert lacked emotional intelligence and manipulated Victoria for his own ends – namely becoming “king in all but name”.

If you’ve no emotional intelligence then you can’t manipulate people, can you?

Isn’t this a can of worms?

Britain’s top prosecutor has been urged to prevent the courts being “abused” in a plot to stop Brexit after Boris Johnson was told he could face trial over his part in the Leave campaign.

The Tory leadership contender has been summonsed to appear before a judge to answer three charges of misconduct in a public office following a complaint that he “lied” about how much Britain gives to the EU.

Marcus Ball, a Remain-backing campaigner, took out a private prosecution against Mr Johnson, claiming he was wrong to say during the EU referendum campaign that Britain gives £350 million a week to Brussels.

On Wednesday a judge decided the case should go ahead,

That a case goes to trial does not mean that a verdict of guilty has been reached.

But isn’t that going to be interesting if one is? Lying by politicians is a criminal offence? Won’t that be fun.

Actually, we’ll be able to put the whole lot of them behind bars.

Once again, getting MMT wrong

This is pure ‘bond fairy’ nonsense. Even Paul Krugman (when not writing about MMT) has debunked this sort of scare-mongering, time and again. But let’s be clear why. First, people can’t dump money. Ultimately, it’s what they have to make exchange. So the idea that they exit money forever is absurd.


Money’s convenient, sure, fiat money works as long as it is so. But that money is a medium of exchange does not mean that fiat money of one particular flavour or government is the only medium of exchange available. It’s tough to buy things with confederate dollars these days. OK, so, the government doesn’t exist any more. The Feds do and continentals aren’t worth much either. Zimbabwe is still a country, still has a government. The $Zim 100 trillion note doesn’t buy much. How many zeroes have they knocked off the Soviet ruble now?

We might even concede that that departing money forever is difficult but that doesn’t mean that leaving behind one specific fiat currency is.


I think not:

In the seventies, it was recognised that accountants had an obligation to produce accounts for all those who had an interest in a company, not merely the shareholders. But Murphy believes that those standards have fallen since he qualified as an accountant in 1982

Possibly a bit overinclusive

All around the world girls, women, transgender and intersex people suffer from the stigma of menstruation through bullying, cultural taboos, discrimination and the inability to afford sanitary products….

Only one direction of transgender can possibly suffer from this so don’t we need to discriminate a little more here?

This always does amuse

Larragoiti says that sugary diets are a real problem in Coca-Cola-loving Mexico, which has the world’s second-highest rate of obesity and has successfully taxed sugary drinks to try to combat a main source of the issue.

Paradoxically, another corn byproduct – fructose – is part of the problem, used to make corn syrup that has been linked to increasing obesity in the US.

“It’s kind of ironic,” Larragoiti says. “High fructose corn syrup is just a bomb of carbs and concentrated sugar that makes a high peak of insulin. It’s many times sweeter than regular glucose. Companies use and pay less and that’s the issue.”

Let’s take them at their word. HFCS is indeed part of the problem. Mexico and coke, obesity etc etc.

Mexican coke doesn’t use HFCS, US does……largely true here in Europe too, sugar, not HFCS. It’s one of those little signs of people not doing their homework, both insisting that HFCS is the problem and also that Europe uses it as the US does. To argue that it is is fine, but we need another explanation for places which don’t use it.

No, not really then

An ancient barrage of exploding stars close to Earth is the main reason early humans learnt to walk on two feet rather than all fours, according to new research.

Scientists believe the intense period of supernovae, which peaked approximately 2.6 million years ago, caused a surge in lightning strikes which incinerated much of the heavily forested Earth.

Early humans then had to adapt from living in and around trees to surviving in open savannas, meaning the ability to cross exposed grassland at speed and spot predators above the vegetation became crucial.

Such general change in the environment won’t explain why just the one species became bipedal. Not really…..

What joy to watch the infighting

Jeremy Corbyn was on Tuesday night facing a mutiny in his party as a series of crises threatened to engulf his leadership.

In a direct challenge to his authority, Labour grandees including former Cabinet ministers Charles Clarke and Bob Ainsworth publicly dared Mr Corbyn to expel them after they admitted to voting for other parties in the European elections.

Their act of defiance came after Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former communications director, was thrown out of the Party for voting LibDem and helping condemn Labour to its worst electoral result in a century.

I assume that now they’ve seen how well Change UK did they’ve no fear of throwing these people out…

Most perceptive Polly

In these elections remain was the winner, not Farage.

Well, yes, clearly so.

What mattered beyond the number of seats won was the sum of remain votes. Lib Dem, Green, Scottish National party, Plaid Cymru and Change UK outpolled Brexit and Ukip by 40.4% remain to 34.9% hard Brexit. Now add in Labour and Conservative votes, divided – as pollsters Britain Thinks and YouGov suggest – by allocating 80% of Tory votes to leave, and 60% of Labour votes to remain. That suggests a remain win in a referendum by 50% to 47%. Certain? Of course not – it’s close – but this three-point remain majority certainly makes it a democratic outrage to press ahead with any kind of Brexit without giving voters the final say. And what is not in doubt is that there’s a clear majority against a no-deal Brexit.

Jeez Polly. The entire parliamentary problem is that there’s no majority on favour of any one specific outcome. All you’ve done there is state the same thing. There’re all sorts of majorities against one specific outcome and one in favour of any one. That’s the entire damn problem, isn’t it?

Thassa Lotta Coke

A Japanese man with 246 packets of cocaine in his stomach and intestines died mid-flight on his way from Bogota to Tokyo, authorities have said in northern Mexico where the plane made an emergency landing.


An autopsy found the man had swallowed 246 packets of cocaine, each measuring 1cm by 2.5cm. The cause of death was swelling of the brain caused by a drug overdose, prosecutors said.

We don’t get the third number to be able to calculate the volume. But I’ve got, if it’s 1 cm for that third, 600 cubic centimetres of cocaine. I’ll lost track of the zeros if I try to work through that but that is a lotta coke, isn’t it?