Amazing how few argue for more freedom

A Conservative peer has criticised the beauty industry, suggesting its “obsession with perfection” is fuelling social media abuse of people with disfigurements.

Minister for Equalities Baroness Williams of Trafford called for tougher regulation of websites so vulnerable people are not targeted by internet trolls.

So, before we had a mass media beauty industry with these impossible standards…..people with disfigurements never were abused, right? Elephant Man didn’t wear a sack over his head?


14 thoughts on “Amazing how few argue for more freedom”

  1. “58 per cent of people who look different have experienced hostile behaviour from strangers.”

    As always, I’d like to see a definition first.

  2. Further on:

    “They face staring…”


    “…they are regularly ignored by shop assistants…”

    Make up your bloody minds!

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “…they are regularly ignored by shop assistants…”

    As that seems to be the standard practice I’d they’re being treated equally.

  4. The beauty industry?

    Before l’Oreal, do these people think women just presented themselves as they are? There’s references to cosmetics in Plutarch. Vessels containing kohl, used as eyeliner, has been found in 4th century Egypt.

    What’s the purpose of this complaining by politicians? Women do this. They put on makeup to make themselves more attractive.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    If one has a ‘Minister for Equalities’ one is bound to have to endure this sort of stuff.

    Abolish Baroness Williams of Trafford and the ‘problem’ vanishes just like blackheads treated with Zappo – you know you’re worth it. Pamper yourself!

  6. The insane feminist war against human biology continues…
    If we don’t find you sexually attractive, its only because you haven’t bored and lectured us enough.

  7. ‘Minister for Equalities Baroness Williams of Trafford’

    One of the best examples of IRONY ever.

    Can Gamecock be a baroness?

    ‘called for tougher regulation of websites’

    The alleged bad behavior isn’t being done by websites. What they want is regulation of users of websites. They dare not say it as that sounds like interfering with free speech. WHICH IT IS!

    And if your face is ugly, don’t put it up on the internet, dumbass.

    ‘so vulnerable people are not targeted by internet trolls.’

    Ignorance. She doesn’t know what a troll is. She assumes ‘troll’ means a bad person on the internet. It doesn’t.

    ’58 per cent of people who look different’

    Uhhh . . . we all look different. Dumbass.

    So we have a Conservative peer showing her butt. Shilling for the Popular Front for Changing Faces. Not pretty.

  8. There is not a clue in their heads that their right to make laws should be reined in by the possibility that those laws impede freedom or indeed that they might be used by some later administration to assert tyranny.

    OR, to look at it another way, that adversity is far more valuable in making a citizen than an easy feather-bedded life.

    Once upon a time on the web, I don’t remember where or when, there was a challenge to sum up the philosophies of left and right in as few words as possible. The one I liked was:
    Left: It’s not fair.
    Right: Get over it.

  9. With the Conservative Party polling an impressive 7% in the EU parliament polls, it’s good to see they have finally woken up and are tackling the really big issues of the day.

  10. It’s a bit illogical to think those attracted to politics or jobs in government aren’t going to be those who want to rule. That applies to both liberals and conservatives. Conservatives’ principle hope for government types is that they might spend more time on the gold course than liberals, who are more inclined to spend all their waking time writing up detailed plans of how they would regulate all aspects of life.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its easy to laugh off something like this off as a first world problem. Or maybe get annoyed or angry (my 1st reaction) over their intrusion in to our daily lives.

    Then you see something and you realise it should be making our blood boil.


    Lets sack our useless politicians and spend the money on something that makes a real difference in the world.

  12. I wonder whether any folk call the Baroness ‘Old Trafford’ ? In an affectionate, football-loving kind of way…

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