Amazing what people will believe

Nor is the strong Remain vote the story, of itself. Clearly Remain won: the simple maths shows it. And there is no doubt that is the message many (me included) wanted to deliver.

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  1. I recall a time when a vote was held and the losing side would moan about it a bit, talk of learning lessons then shut the fuck up, having accepted the result of a democratic vote. What they didn’t do was claim they had won when they had very obviously lost – especially by the kind of margin we have just seen.

    If nothing else, the referendum and the EU election has brought all the nasty anti-democrats out to spill their misanthropic, sneering, delusional, self-righteous, preening condescension into the open. A bit like piercing a particularly bulbous puss-filled boil.

  2. Amazing that a completely new party came from nowhere and got the largest share of the vote. Only by adding all the other party’s scores together, and assuming that every vote for them was a vote for remain, could anyone pretend that this was a defeat for the leavers. Of course the remainers have form for pretending that they won things, I’ve heard them describing the 48% as a majority.

  3. Yes there’s some very dodgy maths being done to justify a small margin for remain, certainly outside the bounds of the estimating errors.
    Do find it interesting that the SNP vote is picked up on and seen as a resounding victory when they didn’t really get much more of overall vote share than ChangeUK they just benefit from it being very localised

  4. I voted remain, and still support remain.

    The very idea that remain received a ‘strong’ vote, or that it ‘clearly’ won, much as I might wish it to be true, is total bollocks.

  5. Well, they could have just clubbed together and made a “Remain” party for the election. But they didn’t. So they should just STFU.

  6. In as much as anyone can tell there were more remain votes than Leave votes – I appreciate its a bit of a complex idea so let me try to make it clear
    Suppose I have a pie and next to it a smaller pie , we might say “Oh Look the first Pie is Larger” – do you see?
    Now if you were talking about the qualification for entering the European Parliament , clearly the Brexit party had more success
    That follow this carefully ..”Remain” and is not standing for election or indeed a Political Party-
    That is how we can tell the subject is who won the popular vote …clues every where I`d say , no ?

    Incidentally the EU has been more unpopular in this country form time to time and , obviously, much more popular as well.

  7. What is the attraction of it Newm? I mean the good thing that makes it worth paying to be in it. Nobody has said, so far, forty-seven years in.

  8. In as much as anyone can tell there were more remain votes than Leave votes

    Percentage of votes for parties that say we should leave the EU: 58.1%

    Percentage of votes for parties that say we should not leave the EU: 41.9%

    Wes Mantooth: That’s completely uncalled for, Burgundy. You know those rating systems are flawed. They don’t take in account houses that have… uh… more than two television sets… and…other things of that nature.

    [Womp Womp]

  9. @Stonyground May 28, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Correct. A lot of SNP want out of EU & UK. A lot of Greens also want out of EU.

    The Only votes which can imo definitely be said were Remain are those for No Change

    Mr Potato speaking out of his a5se as usual, along with BBC, Campbell etc

    You stupid people. You got it wrong again. You were supposed to vote for candidates determined to stop Brexit, or at least stay at home and leave Britain’s future to the experts.

    What the hell did you think you were doing voting for that dreadful fascist Farage person and his raggle-taggle gang of Trumpist racists, Russian stooges and rabid Little Englanders?

    Sorry, but you needn’t think this changes anything. Just because a third of you supported the Brexit Party, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get Brexit.

    Actually, we’ve done the sums and worked out that most people want to Remain.

    Stands to reason. Add up the Greens, the Lib Dems and the Scotch Nuts and, er, the Tories and Labour, and there’s a clear majority for staying in the EU.

    You can keep on voting until you get it right. Or you get so bored that you forget all about Brexit. Then we can go back to fiddling our expenses and no one will be any the wiser.

    Anyway, in the meantime we can stretch out the Tory leadership election for three or four months, while we work out how to stop Boris.

    Is there much more of this?

    Forgive me, but this is what most of the post EU-election commentary amounted to yesterday. Just because you’re paranoid, and all that.

    It was almost as if Thursday’s vote had never happened. You wouldn’t have thought that Farage’s Brexit Party had gone from 0-32 per cent in six weeks from a standing start.

    If this had been Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson would have hailed him as the best ever Star In A Reasonably Priced Car.

    Instead, pundit after pundit was wheeled onto the BBC and Sky to rubbish the result.

    It’s as if you’d just watched Manchester City win the Cup Final 6-0, only to have Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer insist that although City managed to put the ball into the back of the net half a dozen times, the real winners were Watford.

    Haughty snob Emily Wossname, Islington’s own Lady Muck, managed to claim preposterously that the outcome of the election justified holding a second referendum, to give all those misguided, knuckle-dragging scumbags ‘Oop North’ the opportunity to change their minds. What makes her think that’s going to happen any time soon?

    In case she missed it, pro-Remain parties were monstered everywhere outside London and Scotland. Brexit topped the poll in Wales, once the most rock-solid Labour region of the kingdom….

  10. “In as much as anyone can tell there were more remain votes than Leave votes – I appreciate its a bit of a complex idea so let me try to make it clear
    Suppose I have a pie and next to it a smaller pie , we might say “Oh Look the first Pie is Larger” – do you see?”

    In as much as anyone can tell, not a single vote was cast in the EU elections for leave or remain. That question was not on the ballot paper.

    So what you’re doing is looking at two pies and saying “that banana looks nice”. Do you see? Oh course not. ‘Cause you’re a fuckwit.

  11. It seems most of our noisy remainers haven’t read the results of Lord Ashcrofts polling on the Euros.

    The standout feature being near the bottom, and tells us firstly that of those who voted in the Euros, 45% voted leave in 2016, 50% remain, but the same group would now vote 50% leave, 46% remain. This means that in a second ref, if turnout was in same league as last time, we would be looking at something like a 58 – 42 leave win. Given this finding, I’m frankly bemused by the current enthusiasm for sending the issue back to the people by those who feel the people got it wrong last time!

  12. Putin, the Russians, stole the vote! They bankrolled Fartarse…

    Alistair Campbell on the BBC.

    And we all know that Soros had no interest in UK politics, and Blair is doing all his pro bono,

  13. Before you start claiming leavers who voted for remain parties as closet additions to the Leave column, I’m a LibDem who specifically voted Brexit specifically because this was a Euro election, *not* a UK election. In discussions with other exiters-in-remain-partyers, most of them did the same. The Euro election was specifically and explicitly campaigned on Bollocks To Brexit vs Bollocks To the EU, and *that* is how we voted, not by being herded into our partys’ groupings.

    That was the same flaw the Remain campaign did back in the referendum. “We’re a Remain party, so we can add together all our supporters, bingo! we’ll walk it.”

    It’s also the flaw the Remainers are following again now, “Most Labour supporters are Remain, so we’ll add them in as well”. Sorry, but the Remain-voting Remainers *already* *voted* for the explicit ‘Remain’ column, there aren’t any hidden remainers in the Labour column to appropriate.

    The only valid comparison from last Thursday is Bollocks vs Bollocks, the Others can’t be added to either side.

    Unfortunately, we’ve got 29/30 in seats but 40/35 in votes, so we’re going to keep seeing this argy bargy from both sides.

  14. Facepaint–you are both a traitor and vastly stupid so let me make it clear for you. On barely half the ref turnout you lost for the third time.

    Now remember that middle class well off London Bubble prick Facepaint is part of the Marxist axis and so facts. logic, objective truth etc are all white patriarchal wickedness to shite like him. He cannot be reasoned with because like his foul middle class Marxist kind he deliberately , knowingly and willingly pisses on truth, reason and facts. In favour of emoting like a wanker and cockrot political wordsalad.

    Therefore–as the left-shite themselves believe–only one form of discourse is possible with shite like Faceie–I won’t name it here but we all know. The sheer evil of the creature can be finally countered in no other way.

  15. Clearly Remain won.

    TBP got just 5 million votes but the population of earth is 7 billion. That means 99.9% of people voted Remain. There’s clearly no mandate to Leave. Brexit is the greatest denial of democracy ever. Literally Hitler.

  16. O/T (kinda-sorta)

    Prevent MPs convicted of criminality from voting during their custodial sentence
    On 29th January 2019, Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya received a three month custodial sentence. During this period, while allowed out of prison under licence, her vote was decisive in requiring the Prime Minister to seek an extension to Article 50, rather than allow UK to exit the EU under UK law.
    As a matter of principle, criminals should not be able to make new law whilst their custodial sentence remains unspent. Furthermore, at the time of her vote to require the Prime Minister to seek an extension to Article 50, Onasanya was subject to a recall petition of her constituents which subsequently succeeded after 27% of constituents had signed it, easily clearing the required 10% hurdle for recall. It is probable the 10% hurdle had already been passed at the time of her parliamentary vote.
    Click this link to sign the petition:

  17. That follow this carefully ..”Remain” and is not standing for election or indeed a Political Party-
    That is how we can tell the subject is who won the popular vote …clues every where I`d say , no ?

    Can someone decipher this?
    It doesn’t seem to make any sense to me…

  18. More to the point the electorate for the euro elections is different to the Brexit referendum in 2016 and any future general election

    One would have thought our state media broadcaster would have pointed that out

  19. @Cherneyy_Drakon 8:26

    It’s just more word-salad from the prat – indicating Brexit derangement syndrome. Just ignore.

  20. @jgh
    I’m a LibDem

    So you’re the one! Sir (or madam), I salute your indefatigability, if not your good sense.

  21. European citizens resident in the UK were eligible to vote and rather like the 300k plus Irish weirdly still eligible to vote in UK general elections and the referendum I doubt a single one voted for the Brexit party

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