Better abolish the equality watchdog then

The increasing tendency for people to define themselves by their faith, gender, sexuality or race is undermining empathy among Britons, says the chair of the country’s equality watchdog.

David Isaac, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, told the Observer that identity politics had been hugely important in advancing the civil rights of many groups. But he warned of a danger that “individual interests” were narrowing people’s views and diminishing their connection to wider society.

Simples, innit?

16 thoughts on “Better abolish the equality watchdog then”

  1. ““Everything that is happening at the Anderton school in Birmingham is probably making some headteachers nervous about their commitment to teaching about minority [same- sex] families,” Isaac said. “Part of our job is to remind people that the law is the bottom line””

    Another ‘tee hee’ moment!

  2. Abolish the equality watchdog…my thoughts persactly. Unfortunately it’s a case of open door and bolting horses. In our predominately secular society, climate change appears to have replaced established religion. Similarly, given most people’s need to ‘belong’, our classless post multi-cultural nation state offers an almost limitless variety of identikits to attach yourself to. Family ties and a football club allegiance works for many.

  3. Surely “individual rights” are the antithesis of identity politics. Does he mean the rights of an individual here?

  4. less empathy, less hope

    “Do what we say, believe what we believe or you’ll feel our jackboot at your throat”.

    A bit like the “ours is a religion of peace and we’ll kill you if you disagree”.

    The two are sides of the same coin. Fanatic bigots complaining about fanatic bigots opposing them.

  5. Well, of course people can self-define as what they like, but it’s mostly about using pronouns to define the out group, innit?

    The out group being thus marginalised, oppressed, and shunned for the weirdos they are:

    He is a Christian,
    She is heteronormative,
    You are a cis white male,
    They are islamophobic far-right bigots.

  6. “In our predominately secular society, climate change appears to have replaced established religion.”

    Well, in the past people were ostracised*, for not doing obeisance to the established religion. Then, 1848 and all that, freedom of worship, freedom not to worship. That’s obviously a good thing.

    What’s not good is that now you will likewise be ostracised for not performing due obeisance to the currently favoured religions. Alongside the green religion, obviously, a certain exclusivist middle-eastern monotheistic system.

    It’s as if we didn’t learn anything from the last time an exclusivist middle-eastern monotheistic system took charge of Europe and started killing people who didn’t like it.

    *: and at times rather more than ostracised but that’s not my point here and I don’t want to get into a debate about how many people were killed for not having the right religion.

  7. The Diversocrats see their control slipping away from them, and they’re worried.
    ‘Equality’ and ‘Diversity’ were supposed to be sticks to beat white people with, but now it’s being used against teh gays, it must be denounced.

  8. ‘civil rights of many groups’

    Groups don’t have rights. Individuals have rights.

    This is the mainstreaming of CM. By David Isaac, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

  9. Jonathan,
    True but the left have a long history of ruthlessly leaving those who were once useful to them in the lurch.
    In a trade off between the non-straights and the Religion of Pieces I wouldn’t want to be the former.

  10. The level of granularity of human rights is by definition HUMAN. No further sub-division is justified.

  11. @ Gamecock
    NOBODY has “Rights” – we ALL have duties.
    Forty years ago I asked (when flummoxed at the idiocies proposed in a friendly civilised discussion) a high-flying young civil servant whether people could have rights if no-one had corresponding duties and he answered “Yes”.
    A year later he got promoted to a job in Brussels.
    ‘Nuff said.
    For avoidance of doubt, there are no rights prescribed in the Ten Commandments, just duties.

  12. @John77

    Gandhi said the same sort of thing.

    All the way to the ‘right to life’ these rights can be taken away. No-one can take away your duties.

    If people concentrated on performing their duties rather than demanding their rights society would be better.

  13. Maybe if they left it at acceptance/tolerance it would be ok but the increasingly strident demands to celebrate and promote are too much for most people.

  14. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

    Upon reading the Federalist Papers, they did indeed consider it a DUTY. Yeomanry.

    “NOBODY has “Rights””

    Too flaky to comment on.

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