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It therefore seems a strange time to restore at such cost a monument to the western civilisation that helped create these conditions. It is time to take a hard look at buildings such as Notre Dame and ask what they represent, and whether we should still be treasuring them.

Our current ideas on climate, environment, and inequality are partly the product of medieval Christian states.

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  1. Anyone know if you could get around alcohol duty by forming a club which happens to spend subs on running a brewery, and it gives away the beer to members?

  2. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson Sacked for Defending the country, GCHQ & Five-Eyes

    May’s treachory exposed again.

    “May may well find his response is devastating – he can openly state that the PM has been told that Huwaei represents an egregious risk to security by numerous experts and that her response is a grave threat to national security – and he regrets that her cavalier behaviour means that the lack of confidence is reciprocated…

    It may well be this which does for PMTM ‘ she’s almost as great a risk to national security as Corbyn… can’t be trusted with security… her final blunder’ etc, etc”

    Penny Mordaunt (RN) new DefSec

    Rory “Brown-Noser” Stewart replacing Penny Mordaunt at DFID

    It is the reasons she gave for that loss of confidence that will haunt her. GW says he is innocent and that he refused to resign because that would have been an admission of guilt.

    I can’t help feeling that there’s a great big bullet hole in somebody’s foot ….and it ain’t in Williamson’s.

    There’s dumb and then there’s May.

  3. Williamson wasn’t sacked for what he said. He was sacked for breaking the Official Secrets Act. Tens of thousands of civil servants at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are privy to greater secrets every day and some how avoid blabbing them to the press. For them, its not difficult: unlike Williamson, they are adults.

  4. @Alex

    Did you miss: “GW says he is innocent and that he refused to resign because that would have been an admission of guilt.”

    You’re assuming guilt. Read the arrse thread and GW’s tweets & rebuttal letter.

  5. An admission of guilt would land him in prison. I am assuming GCHQ/MI5 did what they normally do and trace calls from his phone (and those of his staff) to the Telegraph.

    Williamson was an inadequate minister and his sacking is no surprise.

  6. You must surely mean “Williamson was an inadequate minister and his sacking is therefore a great surprise”.

  7. Alex, what reasonable cabinet member would not have leaked that decision? It was their duty to expose the insanity of the PM, first by multiplying the numbers of network suppliers and second by going against the wishes of our only real ally

  8. @Diogenes. Whatever the merits of the technical argument (and in a case of GCHQ v Williamson I am inclined to go with the boys from Cheltenham over the teenage hothead), the point is that nobody, not even the Secretary of State for Defence, discloses the contents of a STRAP 2 meeting to a newspaper or anybody else. Williamson was probably found out and stitched up by the security services in double quick time because that is what they do, and in particular, what they would do to their staff if the did the same as Williamson.

  9. Our current ideas on climate, environment, and inequality are partly the product of medieval Christian states

    PARTLY? What neo-liberal fascist nonsense is this? Destroy them, so others can see that fascist imperialist hedging of bets will not be tolerated.

  10. by Amanda Power, Associate Professor in Medieval History, University of Oxford

    I’ve noticed that medieval studies (and the academic study of history in general) has been infiltrated by SJW’s hoping to turn it into WHITE MAN BAD studies.

    There’s that Zelda from Terrahawks woman who’d like us to believe Roman Britain was mainly populated by Idris Elba, and recently I read some Oriental professor spouting about how history should be rewritten to fight “white suplemacy” (she lives and teaches in the USA, natch), but there are plenty of other examples.

    When do we get to go Edward VIII on the universities?

  11. Alex, you appear to misunderstand me. GCHQ have misgivings about Huawei and have a team constantly monitoring and analysing the kit already out there. Any PM who overrides those concerns is prima facie a traitor. No whistle-blower should be punished for that

  12. Steve,

    “I’ve noticed that medieval studies (and the academic study of history in general) has been infiltrated by SJW’s hoping to turn it into WHITE MAN BAD studies.”

    I’ve mentioned something about this before, that in the absence of a real world test based on university degrees, you can pretty much teach any old rubbish that you like. Like, if medicine is BS, people die. If medieval history is BS, it has no effect.

    And the result of this is that there’s a temptation in the non-serious subjects to impose ideology on them. So, film studies covers a lot about technique and history, but it often throws in modules about queer cinema or feminist cinema. You don’t see many modules about action cinema or martial arts cinema.

  13. shows how secure they feel in having infiltrated establishment that they would even bring this up, normally the sort of stupidity that rouses the public and ends up in them being pushed back or stopped for a while

  14. “When do we get to go Edward VIII on the universities?”

    I agree: the universities should abdicate and run off with a twice-divorced American woman.

  15. “There’s that Zelda from Terrahawks woman…”

    So many of your cultural references make me wonder if you’ve had young kids late in life, Steve.

  16. @Rob May 1, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    OT with “Our current ideas on climate, environment, and inequality…”

    Gavin Williamson Sacked for Defending the country, GCHQ & Five-Eyes and PMTM”s treason is subject

    Has GB/UK ever had a PM traitor before?

    The toppling of Theresa: Day 27
    “…On the brighter side Brexit, according to the FT, is grinding government to a halt. For all of us who believe in a smaller state not a bigger, more interfering, state that can only be a good thing. Close down the government and I am sure the country would run itself better. Perhaps our taxes could be reduced accordingly.

    More positive news is that Conservative voters are flocking to Nigel Farage now that fewer than a third see their party as pro-Brexit. (A YouGov poll shows that more than half of those who voted Conservative in the 2017 general election intend to vote for Mr Farage’s new party.)

    Then there is the sly Jeremy Hunt – who seems to be playing his own strategic leadership game – warning that a Brexit deal with Labour could alienate more MPs.

    Well, we are sure it will, but whether that will translate into action is another matter. We can but live in hope…”

    Looking forward to “Day 28” and GW I expect

    Voters have spoken:

    Speaker Bercow announces disgraced Fiona Onasanya kicked out Commons by constituents (1st May 2019)

    Look at Bercow’s body language; the toad is angry and dismissive of voters decision.

    Vote UKIP or DUP on Thursday

  17. Alex–the security “services” are no more on our side than Treason May is. Williamson is a light-weight traitor via Brexit but at least has a line to draw. Nor can the Yanks be happy about the FFC’s “half an half” cockrot giving the Yoo-Woo Tong their chance for more infiltraition.

    There is a perverse evil within the Treasonous Cow’ May’s innards that is increasingly obvious. She is now doing her crimes in a “fuck you all” spirit.

    She must be tried for treason and hopefully executed.

    Vote UKIP and DUP in the local elections today.

    PUNISH BLUELABOUR, ZANU AND THE EU. Make them pay for their treachery and treason. Help smash Jizz and the Fish Faced Cow–traitors both.

  18. BoM4 – Yarp, but I wouldn’t put it past them to start teaching feminist physics, or something. The fetish for girls in “STEM” is ideologically driven in itself.

    Dearieme – Dammit! I was simultaneously thinking of the guy who got chased by a beach ball, and the chubby ginger chappie with the “BITCHES DON’T KNOW BOUT MY TOWER” t-shirt.

    PJF – I actually live in 1987, and it’s brill!

  19. And you my dear are partly a product of medieval sex, so you should stop that right away.

  20. The old Whitehall saying comes to mind: I brief; you leak; he is in breach of the Official Secrets Act.

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