Cruel, but…

There’s a certain deliciousness to this from the comments:

Every time I hear Milano offer an opinion I offer a silent prayer that – for her sake – she manages to keep hers looks. Otherwise, she’s in deep shit.

Dennis the Peasant

7 thoughts on “Cruel, but…”

  1. PJF

    “They’re coming for everyone.”

    Heartiste can be obnoxious, but not nearly as obnoxious as those corporations busily closing down him and those like him.

    If they want the rights of a publisher, they should suffer the responsibilities of a publisher. They won’t feel so smug when they’re on the end of a quiverfull of libel suits.

  2. Recusant,

    I can never say this often enough: get your own domain names. Even if you just for companies going out of business or whatever. Publishing on blogger, WP etc without a name means that if they decide they don’t like you, you’re screwed. Get a domain and you just move to a host that does, or worst case, get a static IP address at home and publish there. £10/year. That’s all.

  3. @BoM4
    get a static IP address at home and publish there

    Running your own web/mail server is way beyond the tech competencies of 99% of people.

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