Democracy’s such a shame, eh Polly?

As Dominic Raab tries to out-Brexit Johnson, watch the two vie to make the most extreme pledges. The party will opt for a no-dealer because that’s what the grassroots want.

Electing a leader the proles desire. Such horrors, eh?

28 thoughts on “Democracy’s such a shame, eh Polly?”

  1. I’ll say this for Raab. He thought he could make a difference, realised very quickly he was a patsy for May’s duplicity and resigned at the first opportunity. I believe he’s been consistently Leave ever since.

  2. I wonder how much of what they promise will have been part of the Labour and Conservative manifestos from 2017.

  3. Kevin Lohse,

    6/1 with the bookies.

    The problem with Boris is that I just don’t think he’s serious. He’s like the guy you send to a client to take them out for strippers and blow and to do a pitch. But you can’t have him running the place.

  4. He’s like the guy you send to a client to take them out for strippers and blow and to do a pitch. But you can’t have him running the place.

    Ha ha yes, a bit like Fredo in The Godfather.

  5. Has Polly canvassed the opinions of her domestic servants yet, or are they instructed on what to believe by their firm mistress?

  6. Yeah. Because the Left aren’t trying to outdo each other in terms of what they would nationalise or otherwise “fix”. Corbyn’s whole pitch is that he isn’t a soft moderate.

    But in Polly world that sort of extremism is just fine.

  7. ‘To defeat him at the polls, Labour must unambiguously back remain’

    Uhhh . . . Remain lost. You are going to win by backing the loser? Wut? You are going to win by campaigning for the LAST election?

    ‘even the hardest no deal still needs endless arrangements to be made with the EU, … It’s time to call out the myth of the “clean break”, when no deal still means interminable Brexit drama.’

    She’s hopeless. But consider this: any ‘arrangements’ will be made by a sovereign nation. Make Britain great again.

  8. Pol is trash. Rubberspine Johnson is not my choice., He changes as the wind blows. Apart from Bill Cash and a few others NONE of them can be trusted.

    A good Brexit is what matters.

  9. Churchill was a flakey fucker all the way through but turned out to be the right man for the job during an essential period. I suspect Boris might be similar. It’s obvious he’s popular with the electorate, and he’s on side with proper Brexit. Perfect? No, just the least shit.

  10. Since when was a policy which was by implication in both main parties’ manifestos at the last GE, an Extreme position?

    Stupid fucking idiot.

  11. Theresa May is not a remainer she avoided the campaign ( even more than Jeremy Corbyn ) and immediately promised the most extreme form of Brexit and earliest possible triggering of article 50( well ok Corbyn wanted it even earlier but still , bloody quick).
    She has not run up against her secret remain prejudices she has run up against facts . Facts like the treasury telling her there will be a lot less money , companies telling her they will lose their customers and the EU telling her the whole cake and eat it lie was , of course, a lie
    Her guiding principle is and always has been how to be PM and stay PM. To that end she concocted what was , she thought a stitch up MPs would go for .
    By agreeing the customs Unions manacles she agreed to be a rule taker in perpetuity, a payer in and to be under the European model of an economy , with high employment consumer and environmental standards ( red tape Tim would call it ).
    She did whilst sacrificing the UKs true interest which is in services and most of the growth ( I say so ..but so does the treasury ) and market access. The worst of all worlds .
    The customs unions would avoid the immediate end of exports to the EU of high tariff goods( like sheep and cars).
    The cancer of Brexit would take a while and could be lied about en route
    It was the best way to save the political status quo which is why 9 out of 10 Conservatives have supported it . It also got FOM finished
    It is a shabby self serving con.. but then that’s what Brexit looks like when it becomes reality ..shit !

  12. @ isp001
    “sensible people” and “working for Boris” are antonyms
    Boris is like Feste – a brilliant jester – but as PM?

  13. Facepainter–not wasting much time on your windbaggery.

    The bitch has been remain scum from the start and kept a low profile hoping what did happen would.

    She lied all the way through. The Chequers treason was written by Mutti in 2016 .

    Treason tried for June 2017 GE cos the leftist pollsters conned the brainless bitch . She had visions of 150- chinless BluLab wonders nodding the treason (she knew was coming next year) WA BRINO through without a hitch. The EU sucking bitch–just like you Facepaint – got an ongoing suck in.

    Out came her turd in 2018 and the rest we know.

    As for your “too difficult to leave” shite–you really think the fucking world of your lying , self-serving ego don’t you–you scumsucking trash. And little of anybody else if you think we are dumb enough to swallow that pack of cock.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    Is the the same Polly who agitated for Blair to hand over to Brown because he was going to be the bestest PM ever, only to lament that he wasn’t the PM she expected.

    I can’t remember who it was, might have been DK, but the response to her was “but he was the PM we expected.

    Great judge of character.

  15. “immediately promised the most extreme form of Brexit”

    Wut? Britain exits the EU. The end.

    Extreme? WTF? You exit. It doesn’t have superlatives. There is no mild Brexit, no soft Brexit, no blue/green Brexit. You are out of the EU, or it’s not fvcking Brexit.

    The people voted to get out. All else is intrigue.

  16. Conservative MPs stumble on like zombies

    The big 50 is looming and Kim May is still in situ. And I am suffering from a severe bout of Conservative Party politics fatigue, not helped by my attending an event entitled The Future of the Party Live last night.

    There was very little that was alive about it. The panellists chosen by the Telegraph to inspire or reassure their invited audience were James Cleverly, Liz Truss, Victoria Atkins, Matt Hancock and Dominic Raab, and they failed – abysmally. They simply didn’t impress. Only Liz Truss amongst was forthright enough to give a yes or no answer when asked, and even then not always. The rest dithered horribly.

    They had between them a pretty slippery grip on what Conservatism meant or why they were conservatives. Poor Matt Hancock was a total muddle of contradictory thoughts and clichés. James Cleverly and Victoria Atkins just waffled as one audience member brutally told them.

    All invoked the free market; never mind that Victoria Atkins’s version was the government using taxpayers’ money – £20million or maybe a hundred – to play the stock market to raise cash for yes, another state-sponsored venture. None concerned themselves with the condition of self-discipline and responsibility on which the free market rests and which comes from a shared sense of belonging and national identity.

    Nor did they consider the state’s role (their own government’s) in undermining the very institutions that support those values – namely marriage and the family – in favour of its support for interventionist identity politics and deference to leftism

    None appeared aware of the huge contradiction between their free market clichés and the reality of an evermore authoritarian state that their party has fostered.

    The scale of anger among Tory Party members, published in a poll conducted by Conservative Voice well before they took their seats on the podium, might have told them that it is not quite so simple.

    Asked who they would vote for at the next General Election, only four per cent of the poll said the Tories, and a staggering 90 per cent said Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party — rising to 95 per cent for Thursday’s European elections. Of the 1,300 respondents, 77 per cent said the current Conservative Party no longer represents their views…

    I’ve never liked Cleverly, too sycophantic; Hancock is a B grade replica of David Blair-Cameron; Truss & Raab seem insincere; Atkins is vacuous

  17. “Her guiding principle is and always has been how to be PM and stay PM.”

    This is exactly right.

    But it’s driving her mad (literally). So far she’s been able to use her God-botheriness to rationalise her selfish behaviour as doing-the-right-thing; seeing her miserable political survival as a duty to deliver (something, anything called) Brexit – but now the cognitive dissonance is overwhelming that delusion.

    Today’s suicidal timing of her final piss-on-Brexit-deal speech indicates she inwardly really wants out now. It might as well have been followed by an announcement:

    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of The Brexit Party.

  18. @Newmania May 21, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    From “Her guiding principle” you are mostly correct; I’m astounded.

    However “9 out of 10 Conservatives have supported it” you omitted MPs:

    “9 out of 10 Conservative MPs have supported it” – more like 7 or 8 out of 10

    Conservative members and voters are against May’s Bad Deal, see above post.

  19. Worth watching again:

    May trundles onto stage and software error…

    Theresa May today launched the Tory EU election campaign in a near-empty room by blasting Nigel Farage before she appeared to fluff her lines when promising to leave the EU.

    In an extraordinary moment Mrs May began to say the Conservatives ‘will’ deliver Brexit – but stumbled and stopped herself – and then said ‘can’ instead – as her despairing MEP candidates watched on…. – after “speech” gaggle of ugly land whales waddle off stage; NHS/PHE employees?

  20. May On Fake Stage

    Looks like donors refusing to donate is true and having an impact, yet The Maybot trundles on obliviously

    A bizarre image uploaded onto social media from one attendee showed an embattled Mrs May at the official campaign launch on a makeshift stage she shared with four people. To put the embarrassing situation into perspective – just one reporter was allowed to attend on behalf of all broadcasters and was allowed to asked Prime Minister just one question. Social media users mocked Mrs May in the image, with one posting his own version of the unknown question asked to the Tory Party leader.

    The Twitter user said: “How much did she pay the four people who stood around her?”

    Another added: “Five people on stage and five in the audience. My God what a pathetic campaign launch.”

    Photo: Mrs May at the official Conservative campaign launch on a makeshift stage

    Vote Brexit, DUP or Tommy on Thursday 23 May

  21. Sargon is Rice’s bodyguard at Brexit Party Bolton Rally?

    Bollton Oldham? Oldham police would have escorted MDL thugs into hall. Bolton police doing their job instead of inciting violence?

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