The things The Guardian will complain about:

In other cases, Tennant made a joke in which he referred to sex acts involving a young girl. In another case, he joked about his wife bringing home a sex toy, but bemoaned that he was considered a “pervert” for buying his own cock plug, which he described using vulgar and obscene terms.

There is in fact a double standard here. Innumerable newspaper sex advice columns suggest that women might think about, possibly should celebrate, buying a vibrator. Not that we’ve actually gone hunting for the proof of this but we would expect a rather different response to a man buying a fleshlight.

11 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. I like his response. I also like the phrase ‘offence archaeology’. Looks there are indeed politicians who are learning the lessons of Trump – never apologise, never explain, restate your principle and stand by them.

    Every wannabee politician should was watch this JP video and learn its lessons – speak the truth and take any consequences:

  2. John Tennant, who according to polls is expected to win a seat in the European parliament as one of Farage’s three candidates in the north-east, also made references to being intoxicated and suggested that Liverpool fans were criminals.

    Quick! To the fainting couch!

  3. Steve,

    This is a constant thing now with the Guardian lefties. They are far, far more concerned with manners than policy. If someone has some killer ideas, but once used an old fashioned race term, that’s it. All discussion shut down.

    It’s an extension of Thatcher’s point about insults. If that’s all they can attack, they don’t have any good arguments.

  4. He “…suggested that Liverpool fans were criminals” which is outrageous. I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could find one or two fine upstanding law abiding citizens. 🙂

    Come on Leicester!

  5. The tone of the story is all too familiarly that of a pious eight year-old telling tales.

  6. BoM4 – Yarp. It also helps explain the feminisation of politics in recent decades, as the system started to put selection pressure against “gaffes” and realtalk – women are far more careful in their choice of words and more sensitive to manners.

    I think we’re on the opposite side of that trend now (the pearl-clutching, not the wimmins thing) as voters have come to mistrust on-message drones and MSM gatekeeping and shitposting has become a viable political tactic.

  7. The Gladrag supports and endorses the friends of 150 million murders.

    Two-faced or what.

  8. “John Tennant … suggested that Liverpool fans were criminals.”

    So do today’s sports pages: apparently those fans, some of them, were guilty of criminal behaviour in Newcastle this weekend. Not on a Heysel scale, mind: there was no mass murder.

  9. also made references to being intoxicated

    He once farted in an empty train carriage.

    Seriously, the hypocrisy of this newspaper is something to behold. Mock them mercilessly.

  10. @dearieme.

    “Not on a Heysel scale, mind: there was no mass murder.”

    Have you noticed that according to Liverpool fans, Heysel is in the past and long ago and let bygones be bygones and let’s move on, whereas Hillsborough should never be forgotten and always remembered and those responsible brought to justice and national mourning…..

  11. Re things the G will complain about, have a look at its attempt today to portray Farage as Goebbels.

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