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After which, let me assure all Lexiteers, there will be no upsurge of socialist support in which Corbyn will be swept to power. A government fully committed to a fascist narrative, that it will only amplify when in power, will exist.

Now, as a matter of objective reality, who is the more fascist? Nige or Jezza?

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  1. If you want to use anti-semitic socialists are your reference, Corvid is a Nazi. If you enjoy calling Nazis fascists (I’ve never quite seen the point of that) then he’s a fascist too.

    Still, when he referred to T May as “stupid woman” he may have accidentally told a truth.

    If I were casting around for a pol to insult by calling fascist – because it has become a mere insult, hasn’t it? – I might settle on that appalling little shit the Speaker.

  2. On the grounds ‘it takes one to know one’ note his later post regarding a picture of Mount Everest as evidence that ‘neoliberalism has reached its limits’

    This is a good indicator of his mindset:

    ‘We need to live in a very different world now. And this picture makes clear why. We have literally pushed the world to its limits. And it can take no more.’

    Note the use of ‘we’ implying that his opinion is the sole valid one. Has he ever run for elective office? Arguably the most telling story regarding the man is that he was offered a position by an opposition so extreme many considered Venezuela ‘neoliberal’ and rejected it on the grounds his intellectual pre-eminence should have guaranteed him top billing.

    ‘have pushed the world to its limits’ – an almost messianic statement – he likes to present himself as an intellectual titan. I know noone beyond the blogosphere who would be willing to make such a contentious statement.

    For him to decry anyone as ‘fascistic’ shows a total lack of self-regard or inability to look in a mirror. To describe him as ‘evil incarnate’ is probably to be generous. A grotesque parody of a man

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Fascism, Communism: same bird, different feather. Except that the Fascists stop short of taking formal ownership of the economy, and the Communists are more inclined to mass graves and piles of skulls.

  4. ‘Communists are more inclined to mass graves and piles of skulls.’

    Both suffer from the same problem that they are not natural. Strong autocratic central control begats resistance. Resistance begats reaction from the totalitarian state.

    Fascism is now the way of the West. A farmer filling in a mud puddle can get a visit from a federal agent. In the 19th century, the agent would never be seen again. In fact, the agent wouldn’t dare go to the farm.

  5. Dennis the Peasant

    Now, as a matter of objective reality, who is the more fascist?

    Whomever Murphy disapproves the most at any given moment.

    That said, if Nigel offered Murphy a job and a title, he’d find a way to support Brexit, neo-liberal economics and having to sit next to Timmy at a meeting or two.

  6. Rob

    “What is he going on about regarding Everest?”

    People fleeing rising sea levels are forced to queue at the top of Everest to escape to safety?

  7. That queue of climbers on Everest? Amusing, but I’m note quite sure how it is caused by ‘neo-liberalism’, except perhaps that it has so fantastically enriched Western society that large numbers of people now have the leisure time to train and climb Everest.

    Let’s get these people back into a life of soul destroying drudgery, where they belong!

  8. Nazism is a subset of Fascism. Fascism is a subset of Totalitarianism.
    Totalitarianism is absolute control by the state. The control is definitional, not the economics, ownership or controllers.
    Fascism is everything in the state, for the state, nothing outside the state. The controllership is definitional, not the ownership or economics.
    Nazism is Fascism with added non-favoured population slaughter.

  9. In response to pointing out to Murphy that he seemed hell bent on telling people what to do:

    ‘These are not constraints at all – they are about ensuring freedom for all to survive’

    Freedom through constraint certainly sounds a little, err, dictatorial.

    Funnily enough, the post pointing this out to him, like the Refuseniks would if he ever got his pudgy little fingers on the reigns of power, failed to see the light of day.

  10. @Gamecock May 24, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Hasn’t Obama’s “Gov’t owns all water” law been abolished?

  11. ‘Freedom through constraint’ not bad maybe just needs to change the last word for full effect

  12. Interesting question that
    Fascism was the creation of Benito Mussolini, socialist intellectual, trade unionist and revolutionary. It refers to a bunch of twigs ( stronger together ) , but its collectivism is conceived as ethnic or racial.When you think of the German version people forget the Starasserist wing of the Party ( the brown shirts) who were the avowedly socialist bit of the National Socialists so Corbyn takes an early lead.
    Farrage is an heir to Gladstonian Liberal Nationalists, that peculiar British blend of social Conservatism and Economic Liberalism, on which grounds a decent case for Corbyn might, yet again, be made.
    Not so fast ! Fascism is a seed that grows according to its soil, and whatever ideas Farrage may have had, the most powerful one is that he be famous and important . That changes ideas and people.
    Farrage has relied on on ethnic insecurity which he ruthlessly inflames .He may feel the NHS should be privatised, but this is a largely private thought nowadays.
    We chiefly hear that we have weak leaders, foreigners are swindling us and that a traitor Liberal class are selling this ( imagined) “we” out.
    In all these ways Farrage is far close to Fascism than Corbyn but they are equally anti Liberal. In the first referendum Enoch Powell the disgraced racist, allied with Benn the preening darling of the KGB. Now Corbyn is allied with Farrage both loved by Putin and both lifetime haters of the EU.
    Brexit is an alliance of Conservatives and Fascists, its supporters have different mixes of the two and some are left wing Conservatives .All are to some degree Fascists, Farrage the most.

  13. I’m enjoying a flu medicine bender and I have questions…

    So the guy who wants you to be able to enjoy a pint and a fag, keep your own money, and live under a functioning sovereign democracy is a fascist, eh?

    Cool, cool…

    Do I have to wear leather shorts, or is it OK if I just grow a funny moustache (I have knobbly knees)?

    Will the death squads be modelled on the paramilitary wing of the Morris Dancers, or Alex’s droogs from Clockwork Orange? (Tbh I was hoping for Black & White Minstrels)

    Will THE ONE SHOW be replaced by THE ECKS SHOW? Because I’d probably watch that, if it had Jet from GLADIATORS in it.

  14. “whatever ideas Farrage may have had, the most powerful one is that he be famous and important”

    So powerful that having achieved his stated magnum opus (Brexit) he used the acclaim and publicity to drive his party forward into an ever increasing cult of personality and public notoriety………..oh wait, no, silly me, what he actually did after the referendum victory was resign as leader of the party he’d driven to become a staple of the UK political scene, and abandoned politics entirely.

    He must have had a REALLY powerful urge to be famous and important to do that………after all its what all your well known demagogues and putative political strong men do, win stunning victories, then resign and leave the field open to their opponents…………

  15. “Hasn’t Obama’s “Gov’t owns all water” law been abolished?”

    Don’t know. The Waters of the U S has been under attack by the Trump admin, but I don’t know the status.

    I used the example metaphorically. There are 615 U.S. agencies that can fvck with the people. ~600 of them are absolutely bogus. No authorization at all in the Constitution.

    The U.S. has strong, autocratic central control of a private economy. The very definition of fascism. (In spite of Newmania’s fantasy.)

  16. “In the first referendum Enoch Powell the disgraced racist, allied with Benn the preening darling of the KGB.”

    Aye, and they proved right. All the sensible chaps proved wrong. It’s a funny old world.

  17. Lexit = left wing Brexit

    Gone now but think of the union boss Bob Crow and his NO2EU party.

  18. MBE

    Thanks for that. I’d forgotten about Bob Crow croaking. Gave me a chuckle remembering it.

  19. Bloke in North Dorset

    Lexit = left wing Brexit

    Gone now but think of the union boss Bob Crow and his NO2EU party.

    Pail Embery of the FBU is a good example.

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