Err, who doesn’t know any of this?

Brown’s debut novel, Master of My Fate, gives a fictionalised look into Buchanan’s life, tapping into some uncomfortable truths from Australia’s history that are often overlooked: that much of colonial Australia was built by convict labour; that Australia has its own quiet history of abusing an unpaid workforce; that slavery isn’t that far in the past.

12 thoughts on “Err, who doesn’t know any of this?”

  1. that slavery isn’t that far in the past.

    But much, much further back in the past than any of the Socialist regimes the Guardian has favoured over the decades.

  2. The Pedant-General

    also, slavery != convicts

    that’s not to condone the use of convict labour, but it’s a very very different moral concept to slavery. The elision is naughty at best

  3. The P-G is right: “slavery” is balls. It’s also balls to refer to indentured labour as slavery.

    Why there are so many people who seek to diminish the horrors of slavery by calling other things “slavery” is a problem for psychiatrists, I suppose.

    Personally I do condone the use of convict labour if the said convicts are healthy enough to do the work.

  4. If the American colonies hadn’t rebelled, we would have continued to transport our convicts there and Australia would be largely unpopulated. This would have drastically reduced the need for transported slaves.
    As usual, the USA is to blame for everything.

  5. I always wondered why they didn’t leave the convicts at the Cape, which was less than halfway to Aus. Was it really the campaigning of Adderly or did they just want them as far away from blighty as physically possible.

  6. As usual, the USA is to blame for everything.

    But there would be no Ashes, so my life would be much diminished.

  7. TCW’s Tory leader hustings poll on Twatter

    Every week until the new Conservative Party leader is chosen we will be running a poll – our own TCW hustings – to give you a chance to say who you would vote for. The names may change as candidates drop in and out – and there are certainly plenty of them.

    The toppling of Theresa: It’s not over yet

    …her speech with its several allusions to the need for compromise; her repeated imputation that the problem still lies with her party and Parliament (not with her) for not falling in line with her phoney BRINO paradigm, the bottom common denominator of which necessarily had to go ever lower. There was no humility at all. Certainly no apology for the abject mess she has dropped the country into. And like her speech on Wednesday, it was revelatory. In that speech her ‘I offered to give up the job I love earlier than I would like’ revealed an almost pathological sense of entitlement and rectitude. Yesterday’s final tears and unsuppressed emotion at the end of what one of my colleagues has described as a ‘so-called’ resignation speech were purely of sulphurous, frustrated rage at being forced out, not of regret, remorse or contrition. Her sweetie bag was being taken away and it wasn’t fair!

    Yep, my reading of her performance too – angry, all fault of JRM & Farage etc. No inkling that her “deal” was so bad even her revered Europhiles Blair & Campbell said No.

  8. “often overlooked” by Ozzies perhaps, but we Poms tend to remind them of it at every opportunity.

    Oz border guard: “any criminal convictions?”
    Brit cricket fan: “Oh, I didn’t realise it was still compulsory”

  9. Germans blitz my Brexit vote

    The Germans sabotaged the EU election on Thursday. I couldn’t get to my polling station in Kingston because a bomb was found on a building site.

    It was left on the junction of Maple Road and Claremont Avenue. Major arteries that feed into Kingston from Surbiton station.

    Who put the bomb there?

    The Luftwaffe.

    Which country are they from?

    Germany. Wait, isn’t this the same nation that EU puppeteer Angela Merkel is from?

    And doesn’t Germany want to keep us in Europe?

    …If you analyse this data, using discrete Owen Jones Logic, you have clear evidence of collusion.

    …If you then subject it to BBC-style media coverage, with unquestioning acceptance of partisan opinions, it soon becomes clear that this is a massive conspiracy.

    This is a ploy right out of Jean-Claude Juncker’s playbook and it stinks…

    Warning: Land Whales images
    The Maybot trundles on destroying democracy every day.

    “TM says ‘I have failed the country I loved’ – would that be Germany then, in not getting their WA passed?

    We must not breathe a sigh of relief and then let our guard down. May’s still there, still the same duplicitous person. What kind of plot will she hatch now, in revenge? She must not be allowed to take any decisions on her own. She must hand over the car keys.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if May still tries to sign us up to more EU. She deserves no sympathy, no consideration. We must never forget she was planning our subjugation.”

  10. “”Much of colonial was built ” = no it wasn’t.
    Even when I arrived in 1961 the population was about ten million and now is more than double that. So most built by migrants plus.

    If no migrants then the aboriginals would have carried on with their happy ways- ask the Greens.

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