Neoliberalism sure has made people flee rising sea levels

Prompted by comment from Brave Fart.

14 thoughts on “Everest queue”

  1. I think some of the magic of conquering a wilderness may have been lost, looking at that photo.

  2. Wanting to climb Everest is a sign of egotism. Wanting to climb Everest when the world and his wife know it involves queuing for hours means that you are not very good at egotism.

  3. O/T, but I just saw a picture of Treason blubbing as she resigned and for a moment, softy that I am, I felt a pang of sympathy for her as she allowed the dam to break on the realisation of how despised and derided she it.

    Then I remembered how she told cabinet members to back her Walk to Canossa or be sacked on the spot and walk down the Chequers drive to catch a train* and I thought, “Nah, screw her”.

    Plus, at least Estelle Morris had the moral compass to resign when she realised she was wrong for her job.

    * Not that they shouldn’t be walking anyway. But still, it was a mean and manipulative stunt.

  4. but will continue in office as a lame duck until July

    A great way of ensuring Brexit doesn’t happen. Then engineer the leadership election so another Remainer wins. Job done.

  5. The MPs whittle the candidates down to two. Then the members vote.
    Cannot quite see how a remainer would both want the job of leaving the EU as we are now and also get through to the final two.

    Boris is a favourite of the voters and he is many things. Do not think I would call him a remainer.

  6. If she resigned as Prime Minister today, who would she advise the Queen to take over? An outgoing PM *has* to stay on as a caretaker until the processes have produced a replacement.

  7. “Lets show the Tories know how to run things”
    “Yeah, lets have a two month leadership contest. We don’t need a PM at the moment, not much is going on”.
    And so began the generations of Tory opposition.

  8. jgh, I don’t see her being particularly good at “processes.”

    If I were British, I’d want her to keep her hands off.

  9. @jgh

    Who would be prime minister if she had a heart attack and dropped dead? I presume that there must be a plan… Probably Liddington, which would be why she can’t resign, as him getting the job in any other circumstances to her demise would trigger a Tory version of WW3.

  10. can people fuck off with this “huge sympathy for Teresa May” thing?

    She failed to deliver and managed Brexit poorly. Like, you know that the stuff about the backstop might not sit well with the DUP, so why not have a quiet chat early on about it?

    And then had zero grace about her failures. Re-animate the WA corpse and bring it back to parliament to lose again. She only left when even cabinet turned on her. Her resignation was entirely dishonourable.

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