Fairly damning indictment

After Ms Klavina’s disappearance was reported, the police interviewed a Brazilian prostitute who said she had been in the same group but had declined Capper’s suggestion of going back to his house as “she did not like his attitude”.

So, BiS, this is your are, isn’t it?

Two British men have been found guilty of coercion after they forced a waitress who was never seen again into their car outside a Costa del Sol nightclub.

A Malaga court on Monday sentenced Westley Capper, the 41-year-old son of a British millionaire property developer, to two years for bundling Agnese Klavina into his Mercedes. Capper’s friend, 37-year-old Craig Porter, received a six-month sentence as an accomplice to the incident in the luxury resort of Puerto Banus.

Neither man is expected to serve time in prison as Spain’s judicial system routinely suspends the sentences of first-time offenders with terms under two-years.

Ms Klavina, 31, worked as a waitress in the Marbella area and has not been seen by friends or family since the early morning of September 6, 2014. Her bank accounts have also remained untouched, the sentence noted.

When a working girl doesn’t like your attitude that’s a fairly damning verdict. Or is it a case of having better radar for these things?

9 thoughts on “Fairly damning indictment”

  1. I would expect that greater exposure to predators leads to greater awareness.

    However, that’s hardly the most important part of the story, is it? How do you end up with a suspended sentence for abducting a woman who’s never seen again?

  2. Bloke in Germany in London

    So she was never seen again but her abductors are not being held responsible for her disappearance?

  3. Ducky McDuckface


    “Guilty of coercion” doesn’t sound quite like “guilty of kidnapping”. Something else going on here, I reckon.

    At a guess, the “British millionaire property developer” has peeved the locals, and Plod has (separately) come under pressure to get a result, for something that happened five years previously, by now. Or maybe the geezer’s got a little too used to throwing his weight around. Or maybe Plod are using the fact he’s banged up to put the pressure on and see what crawls out of the woodwork.

    Or maybe they let her go, or she got away, in the middle of nowhere, and promptly got hit by a lorry. Seem to remember something like that happening some time ago.

  4. I suppose that a property developer’s son might have ample access to body-hiding opportunities. I dare say that that occurred to the police too.

    Or maybe the girl took fright and buggered off.

  5. There would need to be some positive evidence–even if dubious–that they hadn’t killed her or some quirk of Spanish law. Any cop force on Earth would try to put both of them in the murder frame even on flimsy evidence.

    Numerous murderers have been convicted even without the body after all.

  6. She was probably raped and killed (even eaten too) by an illegal immigrant(s) after servicing the two blokes – forced into car : bdsm hooker?

  7. PCAR you are a sick man. No need for that kind of baseless remark. You should be ashamed of yourself. The poor girl was kidnapped and you find it funny to post this.

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