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For those who don’t already do this

So, I’ve just used Transferwise for the first time. They’re doing the usual thing of asking satisfied customers – and I am satisfied, it was cheap, easy and efficient – to spam the news around the place so that they gain more customers.

If you go through this link and sign up and make a transfer etc then you get either a free transfer if it’s under £500. Or summat like that, make sure you understand the freebie on offer. And the more of you who do that then the more I get as a commission to spend upon beer.

My commission doesn’t cost you anything.

So, err, you know, as you wish. You use them, I get paid. And yes, I really have just used them and it did work and it was cheap – saved several hundred euro as against the usual bank exchange rates.

7 thoughts on “For those who don’t already do this”

  1. Is it transfering money only to bank accounts? No cash pick up? That’s what I got from the website.

    I use western union to send money for cash pick up to the PH and also have an HSBC account there for free bank transfers from my UK account.

    If can do cash pick up then I’ll give it a go, else sorry… my 3rd world in laws don’t do bank accounts.

  2. I already use them, highly recommended. I have the debit card which is pretty much all I need when travelling.

  3. I already use them. The debit card is very useful for making payments in Euro etc without the usual excessive exchange fees.

  4. The Pedant-General

    Yup – if you have large out of country payments to make – booking a villa direct was my use case – then it’s spot on.

    quick and saved me ~£100 over bank rates.

  5. I’ve used them for several years and transferred huge sums with them for an apartment purchase. They are spot on, never let me down. Estonians apparently, same folk who founded (and then sold) Skype to Microsoft just as WhatsApp were displacing them. Heh.

  6. Too late old son. Been using them since they started. And opened a “borderless” account with balances in various currencies. With debit card. And, if you get problems, there’s a helpline where they actually speak recognisable english & sort them pronto

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