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Abortion kills babies” is an article of faith on the American right.

Well, it is at least arguable that they’ve got a point.

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  1. The goal of the wave of anti-abortion laws in America is to put female sexuality under strict and brutal state control.

    Cool. National Sex Service when?

    Let’s start by acknowledging that women are not things. […] Women are human beings whose human rights matter.

    Unless, y’know, they’re helpless baby girls still in their mother’s womb. In which case, idk fire up the ovens, lol.

    This week, 25 white men in Alabama decided otherwise.

    WHY do these bastard white men divide people by race and gender and pit them against each other?

    Even if abortion ends a human life, forcing a woman to give birth against her will is worse.

    Probably shouldn’t have dropped your knickers, love.

    I say “pregnant people” here because, of course, trans men and non-binary people can also become pregnant

    *honk* *honk*

  2. Let’s start by acknowledging that women are not things…women are not vessels, or incubators, or an undifferentiated natural resource. Women are human beings whose human rights matter.

    As Steve says, all said in the cause of an argument that explicit relies on dehumanising unborn babies. Well done Laurie, logician supreme.

  3. “Even if abortion ends a human life, forcing a woman to give birth against her will is worse”

    Wow, just wow, that really is an extreme view. The moment that many (most?) parent say is the most joyous in their life is worse than killing a human life? If the state were saying the woman had to keep the baby and ‘endure’ motherhood it would be one thing, but adoption is supported by the state and there are many people who are desperate for a child of their own.

  4. Ironman – the best bit is when she goes on at length about how these evil pro-baby politicians are ACKSHUALLY racist for… thinking unborn black kids are human beings.

    But well done to Penny for giving the reader an insight into what it feels like when you’re off your tits on superglue.

  5. Personally I think women should have access to safe abortion although at what stage that option should be removed I don`t know. Erring on the side of early, seems reasonable. With the ready availability of birth control and “information” the woman`s responsibility to take care in the first place seems to me to have grown.

  6. “But well done to Penny for giving the reader an insight into what it feels like when you’re off your tits on superglue”.
    Or glued by your tits to a public building?

  7. Abortion cannot kill babies otherwise it would not be abortion which can only occur prepartum. Babies exist postpartum, not prepartum.

    Zygote, embryo and fœtus do die as a result of abortion.

    Words are important and do not mean what Humpty Dumpty choses them to mean from time to time.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    it is female personhood, not fetal personhood, that should decide the issue of basic bodily autonomy

    If it’s the autonomous route that she advocates, close down the clinics where women rely on third parties and bring back the hot baths, gin and knitting needles.

  9. Kevin – oh yeah.

    John – babies exist postpartum, not prepartum

    Explains why soon-to-be parents excitedly show off ultrasound scans of their foetus, and have zygote showers.

  10. Why is that when the lefties approve, it’s perfectly alright to set laws by extremes?

    We ought to allow hundreds of thousands of women too stupid to keep their knickers up to kill their children just because a handful of women might have been raped.

    Okay then. I think a Certain Community should all be deported because a fair few bomb or gang-rape our children.

    Oh but that’s ridiculous.

  11. “Words are important”

    Sometimes. The Nazis, for example changed their policy towards the Jews in 1942 from ’emigration’ to ‘evacuation’.

    I doubt the Jews took much comfort in knowing that they were to be ‘evacuated’, which suggests that sometimes it is necessary to look beyond a pedantic interpretation of words.

    Something is being killed when an abortion takes place. I think that’s more important than what the ting is called.

  12. By the way, why is someone who thinks life begins at conception treated as a nutter, but thinking a baby just pops into being a 24 weeks (i.e. six months) is perfectly civilised? Yeah, because it was a meaningless growth at 23 weeks, 6 days wasn’t it? Next time I meet a woman depressed as she miscarried at 5 months, I’ll tell her what a silly bitch she’s being for grieving over nothing.

  13. @John A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Words are important but sometimes they are just technicalities and irrelevant to the issue at hand.

    If you want to argue the moment the body is out of the host then feel free to justify your position. Personally I’d use the term fetus – when the cluster of cells isn’t viable, and baby when the cluster of cells is viable and could sustain itself out of the body and grow into a healthy adult.

    There is a grey period in the middle (getting earlier with advanced in technology) and I’m probably closer to Tim’s position than against it, but I think the majority would consider at least late term abortions is killing of a viable human. Whether all killing is wrong is a different moral question of course to which abortion might be argued an exception in at least some circumstances.

  14. Newmania

    “Personally I think women should have access to safe abortion… Erring on the side of early, seems reasonable.”

    Really! Erring on the side of the stage when it hasn’t started sticking its thumb on the ultrasound pic and doesn’t tug at the heartstrings seems reasonable to you does it?

    Oh you moral titan you.

  15. “And it’s just as clear that a state that threatens to kill that child unless she bears that pregnancy to full term and gives birth is morally equivalent to the rapist”

    huh? I didn’t get this despite reading it a few times and reading the link about the OHIO example, but it still doesn’t make sense to me, what have i missed? What state is saying if you don’t do this then we’ll kill the child? Confused.

  16. ‘Even if abortion ends a human life’

    I have told you, the Left will kill you. Dehumanizing their opposition makes it okay to kill the opposition. But saying ending a human life is okay is even stronger evidence.

    ‘Forcing a woman to give birth against her will is worse.’

    Actually, no force required. Once pregnant, giving birth follows.

    It’s okay to kill if it keeps a woman from giving birth. Or something.

  17. Please be aware that the Penny Turd’s depth’s of unreason are those of ALL Marxian scum.

    They talk shite because they believe reason facts and the consistency they create with chains of logic are wicked white male patriarchal oppression.


    These scum, are –in everything they do and esp in connection with trannies– deliberately pissing on reason, facts, evidence. They want them gone and emoting bullshit all that remains regardless of what self-contradicting shite it obviously is . As when Orwell pointed out the logical flaw of the statement “You do not exist”.

    This is the very worst of socialist scummery. The evil and mass murderer they do is only made possible by their sustained assault on the faculty of a logical and consistent mind.

    The shite they peddle MUST be defeated. If it is not the whole of humanity is lost–perhaps for good–certainly for our lifetimes.

    Please do not take the illogic scum like Cat -Lady Red show lightly as–say– a sign of their “silliness”. It is a sign of their supreme evil.

  18. Ok, Snap. I can’t let it lie. I disagree with 99.999% of what Herr X says. including his choice of insults.

  19. HB–Your agreement or otherwise doesn’t alter what is going on. The point I make is that the left’s mindfuck is the basis of ALL their evil.

    Gamecock–not sure what you mean. Are you suggesting reason is of no value?

  20. I’m agreeing with you, Ecksy.

    Conservatives miss what is going on when they try to use facts to counter the Left. Like trying to discuss science with global warming freaks. Global warming is a tool, not science. Yet conservatives try to argue science.

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