Gonna make modelling the kiddies stuff a bit difficult

Gucci owner pledges to stop using underage models

Slightly more seriously:

Gucci, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen are among the fashion houses that will no longer employ models under the age of 18

A 16 year old can bonk, abort, marry, to her heart’s content. But she’s too young to walk and wear clothes?

Maybe we’ve something a tad wrong with our assumptions about age here, eh?

7 thoughts on “Gonna make modelling the kiddies stuff a bit difficult”

  1. But she’s too young to walk and wear clothes?

    Some white male might look at her inappropriately.

  2. Umm, it quite clearly states “for adult catwalk shows or in advertising campaigns”. So they can still use kids to model kids’ clothes.

  3. 16 year olds can only get married with their parents consent.
    I hope no one who supports this change wants 16 year olds to have the vote.

  4. If 16-year-olds become full complete absolute legal adults, with all and every legal duty and responsibity that comes with it, and losing all and every right and protection of being a child, then yes, 16-year-olds should also have the adult right to vote as adults. But *children* should not have the *adult* right to vote.

  5. ‘commitments on model welfare and the environment’

    Fvck off, Alexander.

    ‘The announcement forms a part of the group’s wider commitment to lead by example, said Pinault, such as its goals to cut carbon emissions by 50% and its overall environmental impact – concerning water and waste chemicals – by 40% by 2025.’

    So, the business model ain’t makin’ it. Make clothes, sell to people just won’t cut it. You HAVE TO talk ‘carbon emissions,’ whateverthefuck that is. Make a nice dress, sell it to a lady is no more.

    They can put on a Superman suit and leap up my ass in a single bound.

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