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How did she know?

Muslim mum furious her Aldi lasagne sauce ‘tasted like bacon’

25 thoughts on “How did she know?”

  1. Cos…

    Having converted to Islam seven years ago, Rianne is familiar with the taste and odour of bacon.

    I wonder what attracted this chavette to a religion where 85% of female adherents are “economically inactive” though?

    The mum feels badly let down by the experience and is hoping to be compensated.

    I’ll bet she is.

  2. There is a twitter feed dedicated to “outraged compo faces” in media photos, it is hilarious.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    I always found it amusing that my mates’ vegan daughter could eat Walkers Beef crisps but not Cheese & Onion.

    Perhaps Aldi should market the sauce as: I Van’t Believe Its Not Bacon?

  4. I felt like I’d betrayed my religion.

    Yeah, Allah must be really pissed and losing sleep over it.

    Nothing quite says a cult is utter bollocks than a god’s obsession with what people eat, what they wear and children’s genitalia.

  5. Why is this devout RoP tart showing her tits off to the world?

    Aldi should consider counter action and costs recovery for the undoubted commercial damage this will have caused them

  6. I’m pretty sure a good many lasagne recipes I have read require the use of prosciutto, bacon or pork.

  7. “Then this happens. I felt like I’d betrayed my religion. Aldi have told me they are going to test the sauce to see if it has been contaminated. It’s just not on.”

    Let’s hope this incident doesn’t blow up.

  8. If this was really so important to her, she’d only be buying products with a halal label…

    Also, tastes like bacon ≠ is/contains bacon (don’t know how this works for Islam, but I asked a Rabbi friend what would happen if I could make in a lab something that tasted exactly like bacon, who said, no problem as long as it doesn’t come from a pig)

  9. It’s always the bloody converts.

    The usual reason for converting is relationship-based. I wonder what the son’s name is…?

  10. Julia,

    It’s always the bloody converts.

    Yup. Converts are always the most zealous yet this one doesn’t even bother dressing like a Muslim for the papers. She hasn’t even bothered giving herself an Islamic name.

    I wonder what the son’s name is…?

    It was the son who noticed the bacon taste. Odd that this devout Muslim would feed her kid haram food.

    What I suppose really happened is that this chav thought she could get some compo from the supermarket by claiming to be Muslim (more victim pts than vegan) and when they told her to fuck off’ rather than admitting defeat, decided to double down and go to the local paper.

  11. “Nothing quite says a cult is utter bollocks than a god’s obsession with what people eat” Spinoza explained it.

  12. There’s a lot of ‘em in Derby. Too close for comfort for me. We’re all doooooomed, I tell ye.

  13. The answer is simple. She pays for the sauce to be tested. If it’s found to contain bacon, then negotiate further with Aldi. If it doesn’t contain bacon, a letter of “I was mistaken and I’m sorry” to Aldi should close the matter, once she has reimbursed Aldi for the loss of revenue from reduced carbonara sales.

  14. Dennis the Peasant

    I felt like I’d betrayed my religion.

    Evidently she hasn’t read the Koran. Pork is not forbidden to Muslims… It is to be avoided whenever possible. The distinction is important… and evidently lost on her.

  15. Love the fact that it took two reporters.

    One to interview her and the other to give him oxygen.

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