How plural need we be here?

Transgender swimmers will be granted full access to Hampstead Heath’s ladies’ pond following a local authority ruling which has sparked protest from feminists and Orthodox Jewish women.

People who identify as transgender now have the right to bathe in the womens-only pond in London which is used by celebrities including the model, Kate Moss and actresses Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Those who swim in ponds are a minority of course. And so are trans. So, our minority of a minority ends up as being how many people? Something we need to use plural for?

This aside from the manner of the description. Apparently all trans – at least the way they describe it women by source but now not, women by destination but not originally. Which is rather cake and eat it, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “How plural need we be here?”

  1. It’s one guy who is basically trolling.

    I fully support this. Anything that does some small damage to the one way feminism (we want to be equal to men when it suits us) it’s most welcome..

  2. It’s hard to find a more SJW Lefty place than Hampstead, so this is a tremendous initiative. Rub their noses in their own shit for once.

  3. “People who identify as female after being assigned male at birth …”

    Assigned by whom? Have (il)liberals found God?

  4. I was assigned human. At birth. Still am.

    Haven’t considered changing. Hmmm . . . would there be anything to be had if I did? Wait. I don’t want to have to learn any dog tricks. I think the rules are I can choose to be a bird, but I don’t have to be able to fly.

  5. @Gamecock

    There are plenty of avian species that don’t fly.

  6. @Gamecock

    Identify as a Polar Bear, you’ll be worshipped and given anything you want.


    They can fly if they want to, usually use Kingfisher; except Dodo obviously

  7. @jgh

    You may

    PMTM’s resignation lecture – body language expert in DM says they were tears of anger.

    As for her Tuesday night second ref announcement, cabinet had not been informed or approved. Then Wednesday she wouldn’t meet or speak to them, no wonder Leadsom walked and made ref to Cabinet in letter.

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