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Lordy be headline writers!

80,000 Britons on web forum run by neo-Nazis

Jeebus. That’s more than the BNP vote, isn’t it? And we know hot all of them can read let alone log on.

A white nationalist and neo-Nazi online discussion forum received 80,000 responses from people in the UK, Theresa May will reveal today, as she says it is time to confront the growing threat from the far right.

Well, that’s less worrying. It’s a different number, responses to members. for one person might make many responses. Which is actually how web forums work.

The work by the Home Office’s Office for Security and Counter Terrorism shows that a white nationalist and neo-Nazi discussion forum had 12 million posts during its lifetime. In one month it had 800,000 visits, with 80,000 appearing to originate from the UK, according to Downing Street.

Oh, wait, what? 80,000 visits? That’s less than this blog gets in a month. Hmm, well, maybe. But we’re in tat sort of range, a specialised and exotic taste or fashion at least.

Details matter, eh?

41 thoughts on “Lordy be headline writers!”

  1. Which forum, I wonder? “The forum was not named”. Ah. You’d think they’d be desperate to brandish this hate-filled site of lunacy, wouldn’t you?

    Perhaps they have categorised it in the way the Guardian and Owen Jones describe the ‘Far Right’ – i.e. anyone who wants the border policed, the government to spend less money and not allowing men into girls changing rooms or toilets.

  2. Is that the Labour party website? After all their policies are the same but without the New hatred- officially.

  3. The state Theresa’s in, she’s probably got, “Conservative Woman”, a blog filled with constructive criticism by critical friends, in mind.

  4. Just pausing for a moment to reflect on this – I know I am preaching to the choir – but, this: the government spies on what we read, so that the head of government can keep her job.

  5. Kind of important to understand if those responses are positive or negative? They also seem confused, was it 80000 uk visits or 80000 uk responses?

  6. Is it just me, or is this move against the so call ‘far right,’ more about creating more laws that will prevent criticism of female politicians?

  7. Abobakar Akinbongo

    4chan/pol almost certainly. It’s not a ‘web forum’ (do they still exist?) but journalists are not known for getting important details right.

    I also note how the slippery term ‘white nationalist’ has entered the lexicon of crimethink. At this pace, how bad will things be by 2030…

  8. The Fish Faced Cow is doing her bit for tyranny. Which–if the cunt had won the 2017 GE with the 150 chinless CCHQ parachutist majority she was conned by left-scum pollsters over–we would be well into by now.

    When so called Tories spew Marxist code/buzz words that is time that the HoTraitors was shut down for good .

  9. @Mr Ecks

    “When so called Tories spew Marxist code/buzz words…”

    Indeed. It’s risible when lefties shriek on about “the most right wing government ever” when complaining about May’s soft-left, PC, SJW policies.

    I wish the whiny millennials could have a taste of Maggie’s policies. The Tories started going downhill when they thought they needed t be liked.

  10. I’ve ended up on Stormfront by accident with an innocent search. How many of those visits are of three seconds or less? Not all visits are equal.

  11. ‘Theresa May will reveal today, as she says it is time to confront the growing threat from the far right.’

    “Ignore Muslim terrorism. It’s far right terrorism you need to fear.”

    This is LEFTY playbook crap. May has gone full tilt Cultural Marxist. Tories need to publicly disavow her.

  12. Andrew C,

    “I wish the whiny millennials could have a taste of Maggie’s policies. The Tories started going downhill when they thought they needed t be liked.”

    The Tories were liked. By people who wanted the government to get less of their shit.

    The problem with May is that she sees government as “nasty” when they don’t do that, as if this is her money, and not working people.

    The reason the threats of “vote Brexit get Labour” don’t work on me is that honestly, what’s the fucking difference? Capping energy prices, HS2, pouring billions into foreign aid. All big government socialism. Cameron and May have not once stuck their neck out for free market capitalism. Not once explained how corporation tax works, but instead criticised Amazon and Starbucks. They’ve paved the roads for Corbyn to drive his tanks on.

  13. Gamecock @ 12.00
    “Tories need to publicly disavow her.”

    Some of us have. As well as, the party. Forever.

  14. Bloke in Aberdeen

    “The forum was not named.”

    Are you sure it’s not this site they’re talking about?

  15. As Pat observes, if we use “Nazi” to mean an anti-Semitic socialist party, then it must be Labour. On the other hand, the “neo” presents a challenge because it’s hard to associate anything new with Labour.

  16. BonM4: “The reason the threats of “vote Brexit get Labour” don’t work on me is that honestly, what’s the fucking difference?”

    Less antisemitism in the Tories?

  17. I recall that a survey in the 90s showed that the second choice Party of the majority of Labour voters was the BNP. It represented a large constituency and was only put out of business by UKIP( in the opinion of both UKIP and the BNP)
    In fairness one might wonder how meaningful it is that so many liked the only working class Communitarian Party available but it does show a significant element of outright racist bigotry has been hidden within Brexit . Who do you think does the shouting on Question Time ?

    Interesting piece of work done asking Brexit voters two questions
    ” Do you feel services are under pressure” answer meh ….
    ” Do you feel immigrants out services under pressurre ” YES YES YES….they say

    Which shows that Brexit was all about immigration and very little else

  18. Of course immigrants do put services under pressure. I suppose it’s terribly rude for anyone to notice, though. Just lie back and think of diversity.

  19. You could get a PhD with such robust research as that, Newmaniac, though it’s not actually original, so maybe just an MA.

  20. “Newmaina

    Who do you think does the shouting on Question Time ?”

    People angry that politicians don’t listen to them?

    “nteresting piece of work done asking Brexit voters two questions”

    Could you provide a link?

  21. 4chan/pol almost certainly

    Could be Stormfront, the home of autistic nazi LARPers.

    the growing threat from the far right.

    The “far right” has been a “growing threat” for as long as I’ve been alive. A perennially convenient phantom menace to justify taking away your rights.

    Of course, if it was an actual threat, Treeza would be praising them as a political movement of peace.

    I don’t think it’s wise to hunt down wingnats from their fringe web forums tho. Most of these people are harmless losers, but having somewhere they can anonymously gripe online is one of the last areas of free speech.

    Could be it’s a release valve for the disenfranchised, and an easily monitored fishing ground for the security services, in which case it’s bloody stupid to try to shut them down. Dissent doesn’t go away when it’s censored.

    Remember when we had proper Tories like Michael Howard, who refused to ban books by random lonely nazis, because he had a sense of perspective? The adults are no longer in charge.

  22. A bit OT, but related I guess.

    One of the things that the Left vehemently deny is that Hitler was a socialist, and that the Nazi run economy was a socialist one. I recently came across (via the TIK channel on YouTube, a very good WW2 history channel) a book called The Vampire Economy, by Gunther Reimann. He was a German Marxist in the 30s, and wrote this book while in hiding from the Nazis, and it was published just before WW2 started. In it he describes exactly how the Nazi economy worked, how factories were taken over from owner control to Nazi party control, how price controls were implemented and enforced, how private property rights were removed, etc etc. Its a piece of first hand documentary evidence that the Nazi control of the German economy was textbook socialist – just rather than the State being in control for the benefit of the workers, it was the State in the form of the Nazi Party being in control, for the benefit of the Aryan race. The practical measures taken and their effects were identical to those taken by Communists elsewhere.

    Here’s TIKs review of the book:

  23. “(state control) for the benefit of the Aryan race”

    That’s the “nationalist” part of the policy.

  24. Does it count as a ‘visit’ everytime you click on a thread in a forum or only your initial entry to the whole site from elsewhere? What about refreshes?

  25. Facepainter–your oh-so-superior middle class proggie horseshit fails to cut it as you are a traitorous cunt already in service to BluLabour socialistic tyranny for the purposes of (what you think will) line your scummy middle class snob’s wallet.

    Piss off and go put a second coat on.

    PS-I look forward to a time when “cosmopolitan” snob trash like you can be moved in amongst our dear imported friends –and provided with a police force ( 50% + of whom = said migrants as is the plan) who greet your protest about what is happening to your females with the same indifference and hostility that the white working class received. Or even more preferably.

  26. Whenever I catch QT the shouting is coming from the crowd off the Momentum bus, aimed at the single, token Brexiteer on the panel.

  27. If you’re looking for outright racist bigotry, Newmania, the Labour Party’s in the phone book. The BNP tended to be a little harder to find. And the racist bigots far fewer. UKIP, hardly any.
    But for your quality racist bigot, you really need Labour.

  28. Incidentally, being opposed to immigration doesn’t necessarily imply racism. I can remember considerable hostility to immigrants from the Republic of Ireland, in the 80’s. In London, at least. It’s hard to see any racial difference between the Irish & the English. There was some hostility to the influx from E. Europe. Poland etc. But that was more economic. They weren’t immediately signing on for unemployment & housing benefit.

  29. BiS – Turns out the working class doesn’t particularly like cheap foreign labour coming in to compete for their jobs, help employers hold down wages, and take up limited places in schools n ‘ospitals and housing.

    Imagine people defending their own interests – crazy innit?

  30. Yeah, Steve. Yet import tariffs to protect wages & jobs are desirable. Especially when they’re EU ones. So for Newmania, it’s perfectly OK to be racist. As long as the people you’re being racist to are somewhere else.

  31. @Kevin Lohse May 15, 2019 at 9:01 am

    I find it amusing and concerning how “Conservative Woman” is rightly tearing into her

    The toppling of Theresa: Day 41

    “Number, I suspect, got a good laugh this morning at everyone else’s expense. How they must have loved hearing their carefully timed announcement on the BBC news that the PM, Theresa May, is expected to speak at the summit in Paris to call for governments and technology companies around the world to join forces in stopping the distribution of terrorism material online.

    Business as usual! It’s surreal – anyone might think she wasn’t in the middle of the Brexit crisis, or that she hadn’t herself just put our national security at risk.

    This morning’s news also confirmed that Number Ten is still on the front foot – hot news last night was that the Withdrawal Agreement was back on the table (was it ever off it?) and that the Government was bringing forward its Withdrawal Agreement Bill. The always-obliging BBC reported that ‘Theresa May is giving MPs another chance to vote on Brexit in early June’. How very kind of her.

    For the fourth and final time, we were told more ominously, and whether or not the government and Labour have reached a deal by then, the report added. The alternative (isn’t it wonderful how a three-times defeated Prime Minister can still be setting the terms?) should Mrs May’s deal be defeated, the BBC (aka Number 10) said, is that the UK is set for no deal or for Article 50 to be revoked.

    May and Number Ten have little problem with the customs union and other matters like workers’ rights. All they need is the mirage of having no other option. What else was Olly Robbins beetling off to Barnier for yesterday if not to get in motion the modifications needed to either the WA or the Political Declaration to encompass them?

    The Cabinet, as it has consistently done before, will capitulate, giving in to staying in the customs union in perpetuity…”

  32. @David Moore:

    “Is it just me, or is this move against the so call ‘far right,’ more about creating more laws that will prevent criticism of female politicians?”

    It’s a desperate attempt to distract white Brits from the fact that their African and Asian neighbours seem to be excessively ‘splodie, run-people-overy, rapey and stabby.

  33. BiS – Yet import tariffs to protect wages & jobs are desirable

    I reckon the EU’s approach isn’t so much jobs protection (the Krauts have been merrily replacing their workers with Turks for donkey’s years, the Frogs seem happy to turn Paris into a crappier version of Oran, and the EU operates – at our expense – jobcentres in Africa)

    It’s to protect corporate profits for the big, politically-connected European industrial, chemical and agribusiness concerns, much as the Tories are dancing monkeys for the CBI and Huawei. Crony crapitalism in action.

    The EU doesn’t give a toss about actual Europeans – if anything, they hate and despise them with the effete, sibilant fury that only pencil-pushing metropolitan wankers can evince.

    Look at how they’ve treated Greece, Poland and Hungary. Look at the outpouring of class hate the Brexit referendum result revealed. The real divide in politics is nationalist versus globalist, democrats versus intransigent bureaucracies, normal people who enjoy a laugh and a pint versus weirdo control freaks who want to censor your internet, ban your car and shoot your kids full of tranny hormones.

    For Europe to live, the EU must die. But we should be merciful. After we round up everyone in the Eurobunker and hang a few Commissioners pour encourager, I’d be content to merely send every subscriber of The New European to a subterranean reeducation facility run by Mr Ecks.

    On St Kilda.

  34. £2.7 billion
    80,000 accounts
    Ponder those numbers for a moment.
    That’s £33,750 per account she wants to spend.
    On what?

  35. @bis

    80,000 comments or views and no mention if comments were pro or anti.

    Thus, Newmania is now classed as “Far-Right” for viewing/commenting here.

    Ms Plod, sling your hook and jump into Thames with 2.7 billion lbs round your neck.

  36. Andrew C
    Indeed. It’s risible when lefties shriek on about “the most right wing government ever” when complaining about May’s soft-left, PC, SJW policies.

    It’s a mopping up operation. The left already controls all the public spaces, now they just need to eliminate the nominally “conservative” party and the revolution is complete.

  37. Apparently May is too stupid to realise that the Nazis were far left, with plenty in common with Corbyn’s Labour Party.

  38. “The EU doesn’t give a toss about actual Europeans”

    And the U.S. Democrat party hates America. No borders and free stuff for the world!

    Strangest Deviant for President! Joe Biden just isn’t queer enough!

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