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Niki Lauda obituary

Trapped in his burning car, he was pulled from the wreckage but suffered severe burns and damage to his lungs. Despite doubts he would survive or indeed ever race again,

Might be worth inverting that last phrase….

7 thoughts on “Niki Lauda obituary”

  1. An astonishingly driven and courageous man. Possibly a bit mad for all that, which may even be a prerequisite. But still

  2. Brave and tenacious man. Mercedes team will miss his experience

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  3. About 40 years ago, I went to a flat track motorcycle race in Harrington, DE. It was fabulous. Kenny Roberts put on a show I’ll never forget – he took a high line to catch the leaders, and it worked. Sliding in the dirt at a 100 miles an hour, leaned over, inches from the rail.

    At the start of the heats, the crews would roll the motorcycles out to the grid. A few riders walked out to their bikes. A few limped out to their bikes. More than a few had to be significantly helped to get to their bikes; they had to have others lift their leg over the bike, or even put them on the bikes.

    Yeah, Lauda was tough. But so are many other race drivers. Especially in his era. I think it ironic Sir Jackie Stewart is mentioned. He, more than any other person ever, championed safety in motor racing.

    I think Lauda should be remembered for winning 3 championships. The other stuff is non race stuff, and just too common to give him special recognition.

  4. Some of us look up at him for his courage as well as his talent. How many guys would get back into the car after that (and when they had earned more money than they could spend in the rest of their life)?
    Someone to be admired and mourned.

  5. “How many guys would get back into the car after that?”

    ALL OF THEM !!!!

    Don’t be a dumbass.

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