On that Curajus State

As a rule, the people who became commissars were the ones who couldn’t find another job. They were not very smart but were very conceited, self important individuals, especially after they had been given a taste of power, and especially over other people. Those who were thinking about a career in the party system, who could speak loudly and authoritatively from a podium, and who curried favor with the boss, these people could climb the party ladder quickly, and high up.

9 thoughts on “On that Curajus State”

  1. From Spud’s blog

    “I am a practising chartered accountant and a director of private sector companies”

    From his Bio page

    Spud “holds a practicing certificate as a chartered accountant but makes almost no income as a result of doing so now, and is a director of Progressive Pulse Limited and Finance for the Future LLP, neither of which trade. He is a non-executive director of Cambridge Econometrics”.

  2. Dennis the Peasant

    I would say the above is an excellent sketch of Richard Murphy, but the fact of the matter is that Murphy simply couldn’t curry favor with any boss over any length of time. Over the past decade he has fallen out with just about everyone he has had dealings with.

    Murphy would have been the sort of commissar that ended up in front of a firing squad or behind a prison door.

    If I was a better person I’d deny that the thought of it gives me pleasure.

  3. Dennis the Peasant

    Try asking the ICAEW why he is allowed to retain his practicing certificate….

    The answer, though not given, appears clear: Low standards.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    OT, well possible slightly related:

    Jesse Norman MP author of Adam Smith, Father of Economics and bio of Burke has been appointed as Financial Secretary and Paymaster General.

    I was listening to Liz Truss on the IEA podcast and have heard her a couple of times and she definitely talks the talk.

    Both say they believe in lower taxes and smaller government.

    A light at the end of the tunnel or the last flicker of a dying flame?

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