Possibly a bit overinclusive

All around the world girls, women, transgender and intersex people suffer from the stigma of menstruation through bullying, cultural taboos, discrimination and the inability to afford sanitary products….

Only one direction of transgender can possibly suffer from this so don’t we need to discriminate a little more here?

21 thoughts on “Possibly a bit overinclusive”

  1. Yes, don’t add tax to tampons. Save shoppers 30m. Why again?… Remote sheilas not turning up to school… ok

    “Their reasoning was impenetrable: access to sanitary products shouldn’t be a barrier,,,,,”

    Unassailable and impenetrable might be interchangeable in some senses but not when it comes to reasoning i think not.

  2. We’ve had the ‘price of menstrual products’ done to death before on this site.

    Perhaps if they were pregnant most of the time as nature intended, it would be less of a problem – i.e. they need ‘hitting with the rhythm stick’ as Ian Dury and the Blockheads sang (if I remember it correctly) chorusses excluded:

    In the deserts of Sudan
    And the gardens of Japan
    From Milan to Yucatan
    Every woman, every Tran

    In the wilds of Borneo
    And the vineyards of Bordeaux
    Eskimo, Arapaho
    Use a pad to stop the flow

    In the dock of Tiger Bay
    On the road to Mandalay
    From Bombay to Santa Fe
    Is the price too much to pay?

  3. Right now, 800 million girls and women are menstruating: so why is it still ‘secret women’s business’?

    I just did a poo, but I didn’t think anyone wanted me to livestream it. Maybe, instead of fervently imagining anti-womyn conspiracies in everything, these legbeards should try to be like neurotypical adults who don’t overshare information about their bodily fluids?

    Witchie – lol

  4. If a bloke is insane enough to think he’s really a woman, he’s probably insane enough to think he’s on the rag once a month and to suffer – even if imaginary – all the typical symptoms including those which are physically impossible. I imagine there are more than just a few of these loons who wear fanny pads

  5. ‘the stigma of menstruation’

    Since mens don’t know it’s happening, it’s ALL on women for whatever is going on socially.

    So with women’s bullying, cultural taboos, and discrimination, is it any wonder there are misogynists?

  6. The idea that men don’t suffer from menstruation (and the BBC’s special issue menopause) is ridiculous. Just ask one.

  7. Insane no longer covers trannie capers. It is –IMHO–an exercise in Marxist evil. A deliberate belief in the impossible and the unreal as an attack on the existence of the real and the realm of fact and reason that sustains it.

    A much more serious and effective response is needed against the Marxian scum. Not so much the sad and pathetic weirds but their vastly more sinister and scummily evil leftist backers.

    My first thought was –as it too often is–that the front end of fists and boots would do the job. But now I see that beating Marxian trash to make them declare that 2+2=4 and Big Brother is a cunt is playing their game and is a response on the wrong level.

    Is there–I wonder–a higher -level response that will fix these leftist bastards wagon–or is the problem of their evil satanic in some sense ( even if you don’t believe in a literal devilish entity). Some outgrowth of human evil having an obscene vitality that brings it back time and again despite a seconds observation/thought showing what an abomination it is. And what horrors it so easily produces.

  8. “Steve, wasn’t there a Lib Dem who liked poo”

    Mark Oaten. He was a coprophagiac, paying rent boys to shit in his mouth.

    My wife’s friend was once an air hostess who met a rich Arab. He insisted she shit on a glass table while he was watching from underneath it. In return, he gave her very expensive jewellery.

  9. Did she do it, tho’?

    I heard about those glass-table shitting parties 20 years back.

    Anyway, in practical terms, what then happens (if there’s no glass table involved)? You’ve got a shit in your mouth. A big lump of it, if you’re lucky; something mushy, if you’re not. Let’s say this gives rise to an explosive orgasm (presumably the point of it).

    What do you do when the post-coital tristesse sets in? Thank the gal, wipe her bum and reflect on what your life might have been?

    How the other half lives.

  10. “All around the world girls, women, transgender and intersex people suffer from the stigma of menstruation through bullying, cultural taboos, discrimination and the inability to afford sanitary products….”

    Except in the Western Hemisphere. And Europe. And Australia. And Asia. In fact I think the only places where anyone actually suffers from bullying, cultural taboos, and discrimination are pretty much the handful of actual primitive tribes in Africa and the deepest jungles of South America.

    As for ‘can’t afford sanitary products’ – ?

    I mean, we’ve been menstruating for 3 million years and women managed to deal with it long before disposable pads and tampons came around. Is the author confusing ‘not able to afford sanitary products’ with ‘not able to afford the high-end products available as a result of 10,000 years of industry and invention’?

    And even that’s a joke. I just took the first shopping result for tampons – box of 38 for $9.00. That’s about 25 cents each with tax. Say you use 20 a cycle, that’s $5.00/mo. $60/yr. Remember, that’s first shopping result. Not even hunting for the best price.

  11. I don’t know the truth of it, but I have heard it claimed that the big step forward in sanitary protection dates from the repurposing of advances in surgical dressings for military casualties in World War One.

  12. Perhaps that’s it, Agammamon.

    We can’t have a money economy cos some wimens can’t buy pads.

    Oh, and it’s men’s fault.

  13. Alan Peakall, as a former military medic I can confirm that tampons are part of the emergency kit for plugging gunshot or knife wounds. In civilian life, I have had cause to ask a lady bystander if she had a sanitary pad in her handbag after seeing a young lad fall of his bike and cut his head open. Needless to say she thought I was bonkers but it did the trick until the paramedics arrived.

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