Quite amazingly unobservant

Barry Manilow: glad to be gay, without trying to sell something
Rebecca Nicholson

For some stars, their sexuality is now a commodity that can be traded

We’re among human beings here. Sexuality has always been traded. Not just in the sense of the sexual marketplace but in terms of celebrity – what is it that is being sold?

Rock Hudson wasn’t in the closet because he was gay but because the gay sexuality wasn’t something people were buying at that time. That is, it’s long, long, been about trading sexuality – it’s just which is traded has changed.

4 thoughts on “Quite amazingly unobservant”

  1. umm Rebecca did you check whether Barry was paid by People Magazine for the grand reveal or whether he had some new tour dates to announce? Would that be trading too?
    While i agree with Tim, i also find incongruous the notion that’s Barry’s career depended on women thinking he’s available all this time, rather than, you know, that he wrote good songs and had a good voice.

  2. Mangy Bendytoy –as the late Wogan characterised him–has made a career of singing about emotional excess and general silliness. It is hardly odd that he has a large female following regardless of his personal antics.

  3. Manilow’s fanbase is mostly post-menopausal women who no longer care.

    “Last week, Manilow told the Mirror why it had taken so long for his story to be told. “It would have killed my career. Immediately,” he said. “When I started, I knew I was gay. I had a hit record and I was on the cover of Teen Beat magazine. Now what do I do? I guess it became OK a couple of years ago.””

    Did it, though? I’m not passing judgement on gay people. But, it’s notable that the K-pop industry is growing globally and if you’re gay, you get dropped by the record labels.

    On a more general note, the appeal of K-Pop to the rest of the world seems to be that they don’t do anything but entertain. Bright looking people having fun, bringing a bit of colour into your day. No campaigns about body image or the effects of social media.

  4. Since as far back as I remember Barry’s female fans seemed like the children or grandchildren of Liberace’s fans – with just about as much serious hope that he would roger them senseless.

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