Twonkeys! Donkey gives birth to Britain’s only known living twins who have now been named Ronnie and Reg after the Kray twins

Well, it’s true that Ronnie and Reggie are no longer with us but I’m really pretty sure there are other twins out ther………

Oh, you mean twin donkeys?

Pendantry lives!

2 thoughts on “Rilly?”

  1. Dreadful insult to the poor donkeys to be named after those two scum bags, they’re almost certainly way more intelligent.

  2. Plautus wrote “The Twins” about twins separated at birth and their subsequent reunion and the hiiiiilarious confusion this caused.

    No doubt inspired, Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors” had two sets of twins, thereby increasing the hiiilarity by a factor of 8 (probably).

    I’m waiting for a play with three sets of triplets. This will be 256 times as funny as Plautus’ original idea.

    Or if Rocco makes it, with three sets of teenage girls, I’ll just have a sore wrist.

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