Ritchie’s new project

Anyone who did so refer outside the in-group would quickly find out that the acronym is less than fortunate. Our colonial friends use the can as a synonym for prison. And many varieties of English use the can as a synonym for the toilet.

Hmm, perhaps not so inappropriate. The Corporate Accountability Network, where one goes to defecate.

11 thoughts on “Ritchie’s new project”

  1. As Murphy’s main interest is tax, it needs to be retitled something like

    Corporate Unaccountability Network Tax Section

  2. “Richard Murphy says:

    You address a key issue: we think cars will look like they do today

    They don’t need to, and they may well not do so”

    Now he’s a car designer.

  3. “Hmm, perhaps not so inappropriate. The Corporate Accountability Network, where one goes to defecate.”

    With Murphy’s lot it’s just a self-congratulatory circle-jerk.

  4. It’s just a Murphy sockpuppet, to get around the fact that TRUK has run out of people to trough grants from and his “professorship” is expiring soon – so he isn’t going to be getting paid.

    It’s the same usual suspects (though I’m not sure how half a dozen people can call themselves a network) and will be exactly the same as TRUK – a blog.

    He’s had to call it something different and say the stated aims are different to try and get grants and funding, but past the initial aims he’s already going off on how CAN will be pushing CBCR, the Green new Deal and MMT.

    One interesting thing I note though – he says all company accounts should say how much directors get paid. I wonder (as he is the sole director of CAN) if he will be doing the same in these accounts – or if he will be a hypocrite again.

  5. Dennis the Peasant

    How soon before Murphy announces that companies can receive the “Fair Disclosure Mark” by filling out some forms and paying him a fee?

    Any bets?

  6. Isn’t “rattling the can” a term for begging / busking? Seems appropriate to Murphy’s grant-gobbling.

  7. BF – when I looked at the article over on CT the pop up add next to it was for some sort of vulva shampoo which i thought very appropriate. quite why that ad I have no idea…

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