Slightly dangerous treason law maybe?

In a major speech on counter-terrorism, he said: “Our definition of terrorism is probably broad enough to cover those who betray our country by supporting terror abroad.

“But if updating the old offence of treason would help us counter hostile state activity, then there is merit in considering that too.”

His proposal follows a report by the think tank Policy Exchange which recommended Parliament legislate to make clear that any British citizen or person settled in the UK would be liable for life imprisonment if he or she helped a group which UK forces are fighting.

It cited Choudary, who was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment for encouraging support for ISIS but who could have been sentenced to life under a new treason law.

Encouraging support for Isis shouldn’t be a crime in the first place. Incitement to violence should be.

But, think this through. British troops definitely fought the IRA. Jezza should do life for treason? The Navy fights cocaine smugglers, Life for treason for aiding and abetting cocaine smugglers?

It’s giving them a hell of a lot of latitude, isn’t it?

If you want to say “has declared war upon” then maybe….

4 thoughts on “Slightly dangerous treason law maybe?”

  1. Jezza has form for supporting any cause inimical to the UK national interest, going back to the time he was a CND vice-chair when that organisation was being funded by a pre-Glasnost Moscow. If there was a clause about'”giving aid and comfort to declared enemies of the State”, they could lock him up and throw away the key. The major problem with such a law is the damage that could be done with it when the wheel of fortune elects a government with totalitarian tendencies, so it would be a very bad law. And that’s the problem with hard cases making bad laws isn’t it? Unintended consequences.

  2. @”Encouraging support for Isis shouldn’t be a crime in the first place. Incitement to violence”
    As ISIS is very violent surely any support for them is incitement to violence.

  3. Hostile state activity is already covered, that’s called warfare.
    Aiding a group UK forces are fighting used to be seperately covered, it was called treachery, but is now covered as treason by “giving aid or comfort to the sovereign’s enemies”.
    But of course, the wheel turning on the sausage machine is all the activity that’s needed.

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