Sorry, don’t know what came over me, really bad this is

I thought the childless would be rather good at withdrawal and withdrawal agreements?

7 thoughts on “Sorry, don’t know what came over me, really bad this is”

  1. To be fair to the vicar’s daughter, you don’t need contraception when you look like Worzel Gummidge halfway through gender transition.

  2. Well, yes, although that’s why my initial is so cruel. They’re infertile (dunno, think her with the Type I diabetes).

  3. You’re right, it’s bad. It’s her politics that are awful. Type I diabetes is her cross in life, that’s awful too, but it’s a different type of awful.

  4. Good article in Spectator

    Meet the secret Brexiteers

    …One woman who approached the Brexit Party stall in Chester last week told me his:

    “I am a solicitor; my friend here is a physiotherapist and we are both fed up of being shunned by colleagues because we voted Leave. I just don’t tell people anymore.”

    She speaks for millions. Maybe it is because I am part of the media/ policy intelligentsia circle (or, at least, I was until I became an apostate and decided to stand as an MEP), but over the past three years I have come across a wide range of Secret Brexiteers who dare not admit they voted Leave…

  5. The female is the withdrawee; the male is the withdrawer. Theresa May is lying back and waiting for the other side to withdraw.

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