That sex strike idea

Lysistrata Won’t Work Today – Alyssa Milano’s Call For Sex Strike Over Abortion Laws #SexStrike

Although perhaps it might work. There’s be a reduction in the abortion rate, right?

16 thoughts on “That sex strike idea”

  1. There will be surge in singles if sex is off the menu and men and women have to talk to each other.

  2. 46 year old woman swears off sex in case it leads to babies. Might be a wee bit optimistic there, Alyssa.

    Anyway, I thought it was already pretty common for middle aged women to give up on the sexytimes – that’s why they get a “Mum” haircut, no?

  3. Very encouraging for a business I know of. Better be thinking about building up stocks in anticipation of the rush

  4. This ought to be funny. The women who get on board with this strike will all be the sort of women who date and marry only abortion supporting liberal cucks.

  5. It won’t happen it’s all theatre- well she is an actress right?
    But let’s have some fun. The abortion rate drops to zero as only pro- life women are having sex. The birth rate is barely affected as it’s pro-life women having most of.the babies. Keep it up long enough and pro-choice people become extinct. Pro- life women become much more popular, giving men an incentive to become pro-life, hence giving women an incentive to become pro-life.
    Pity it won’t happen.

  6. The abortion rate drops to zero as only pro- life women are having sex

    Aren’t “pro-life” women just normal women tho?

    It amazes me that abortion is supposedly a controversial issue. Of course we shouldn’t kill children in the womb for the sake of convenience. When did Moloch-worship become mainstream?

  7. I am sure the followers of Islam will accept this, except that their “once upon a time” book of fairy stories allows a husband to beat his wife if she refuses to have sex (after all, not every Muslim household has a sex slave or is near a social services home for damaged or vulnerable girls).

  8. Maybe their blokes will go out and find a nice hairdresser or waitress who wants to shag, have babies and cook their dinner.

    (forget marrying a career woman. Better to be poor with a nice wife than some feminist bitch)

  9. I’m always puzzled by this, “stop doing X or I will refuse to breathe!”. It’s declaiming that by women not having sex they aren’t the suffering party, that women *don’t* *actually* *want* *to* *have* *sex*. Haven’t we had more than 100 years teaching us that women *do* want to have sex, and there’s nothing abnormal in women wanting to have sex.

  10. Dennis the Peasant

    Every time I hear Milano offer an opinion I offer a silent prayer that – for her sake – she manages to keep hers looks. Otherwise, she’s in deep shit.

  11. Recall that Lysistrata had as much trouble keeping the women in line as keeping the men at bay.

  12. Prayerful protest at Planned Parenthood where Democrat harassed women

    “Philadelphia hundreds protest outside the Planned Parenthood clinic where Democratic Rep. Brian Sims filmed himself harassing women and teen girls.”

    Democrats really are vile anti-democratic genuine fascists

    PS ‘Lysistrata’ – I read it as an STD I hadn”t heard of

  13. Bizarre.

    The only men who would be directly influenced by withdrawal of pussy would be the legislators in the Evil States.

    So she means she’s bangin’ em and intends to stop?

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