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The potato interrogates Nigel Farage

How will you deal with the Northern Ireland border?
What trade deal do you want with Europe?
How will you manage a trade deal with the USA when they say none is possible if there is a hard border in Northern Ireland?
What EU law are you going to repeal if we Brexit as you wish? Would that have also been possible under May’s deal?
Why do you want to use WTO rules when no one else in the world does?
You know that the WTO is a seriously discredited organisation, don’t you? Why do you want to use its rule?
No deal is technically impossible, as I am sure you know. If we say there are no rules the reality is everyone else will impose their rules on us. How are you going to manage that?
How are you going to manage the disruption of a Hard Brexit?
How many people will die in the UK because a Hard Brexit will deny them the drugs they need?
Every credible organisation offering a Brexit forecast says it will cost UK jobs. How are you going to replace them?

As someone who used to develop policy for Nigel Farage – not with, for – perhaps I can answer some of these

1) Exactly as we do now.
2) We’ll declare unilateral free trade. What they do is up to them. For details see Patrick Minford’s worked through and costed example.
3) See 1)
4) CAP, CFP are two for starters. REACH will follow.
5) Because we don’t really care about the rules others impose upon our exports. The value of trade is in what we can import, see 2)
6) What are you talking about you silly little man?
7) See 5)
8) Same as we’ll manage any opther diusruption. As bestg can be done.
9) None, see 2)
10) Government doesn’t create jobs. Private enterprise does, within the rules set by government. As we’re going to relax much of that regulation that job creation will be easier, won’t it?

33 thoughts on “The potato interrogates Nigel Farage”

  1. Numbered answers are OK. Numbered questions would be better.

    Even better would be to sequence them: question, answer; question,answer etc.

  2. We’ve seen this many times before with Murphy. It won’t be long before he makes some of his standard complaints about Farage:

    I posed these entirely reasonable questions to X and I have received not a single answer. No explanation for this from X has been given to me.

    Why has X not responded to me?

    Is X avoiding me?

    Why has X not agreed to debate them in public with me?

    Candidly, is it not discourteous of X to ignore me?

    Can X be trusted or believed when he absolutely refuses to engage with me?

    Why does X agree to appear in the media to face people who are far less qualified to put questions to him than I am?

  3. Dear senior lecturer, should the UK actually leave the EU on WTO, what should our ideal trade relationship with the EU look like. Free trade? Much-qualified ‘free trade’? Some Norway/EFTA-like arrangement?

  4. He forgot the outbreak of super gonorrhea, which ought to concern him given his auto-correct’s default a while back to ‘lube’ in place of (IIRC) ‘tube’.

  5. I’m with Richard North on this one. We’re either not leaving, or leaving with no deal. The bovine stupidity of both sides means that is the only realistic prospect now. It’s not inconceivable that we get no Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn, a double whammy.

  6. Ah yes, the Shapeless Horror that follows leaving the EU. Oh well. Always reminds me of the Continental System.

  7. Why a generation? No deal only affects trade with the EU, and all those companies in the EU who trade with us will pretty soon be putting Barnier, Juncker et al under a lot of pressure to sort it out. Meanwhile we get on with talking to the rest of the world. There will be some disruption for a short while but it’s not like U-boats in the Atlantic stuff.

  8. Assuming no money has changed hands yet from the UK to the EU I suggest leaving with no deal then “buying” favorable individual terms with the money no yet paid.

  9. Tim the border between us and the EU is not our property – we cannot decide and the magic border does not exist. In any case the EU is only putting its flag on the Ireland issue, what it will not have is a deregulated UK able to avoid EU standards and undercut EU employers .
    That aint never going to be allowed and if the Irish border won`t do it , the the same obstacle will be put somewhere else .
    Patrick Minford .. oh be serious ! Was David Icke too busy ..or too dead , in any case unilateral Free Trade is politically impossible, these are fantasies .
    OK the CAP is out is it …then how do we pay the exact same benefits to farmers as promised and as already being prepared as I know form my civil service friends . It is going to be much the same.
    Now when you say” we” will handle disruption as a sort of journalist you mean “I” will make more money and” You “ will lose your job or company .Yeah .. you will handle it just fine

    Tell me how you are going to further deregulate Europe’s least regulated job market …whilst delivering on that promise to have even higher standards? Tumble weed ……

    This is all just nonsense and even if it wasn`t t Brexit did not come with a Washington Economic wet dream clause . If you want to know what it will be like well look at what it was like last time . Protectionist unionised corrupt Statist and failing . It is not a choice; Brexit did not appeal to the globally minded it appealed to the Conservative the Racist the Protectionist the Old , we will get Bustkellite mush at best

  10. Ritchie’s questions for any politician:
    1. Will you give me a peerage?
    2. Will you make me a minister?
    3. Will you make me head of HMRC?
    4. Will you give me a seat on a quango or ten?
    5. Will you reverse Brexit so I can keep my EU funded non-job?

    If the answers to 1-5 are no – as with Farage or Corbyn – he denounces them.

  11. No deal would not take a generation to recover from, assuming it’s properly managed and we don’t get Corbyn socialism at the same time.

    When countries have similar shocks, it’s a matter of years to get back to a healthy growth path; ~1 to 4 perhaps.

    I happen to think there will be an economic shock if we finally go no deal. If the EU are not vindictive, it would probably be quite modest actually. I also happen to think it will be the best outcome for the long term prospects of the economy. There is a kernel of truth in project fear, but they lose their credibility by wildly overstating their case.

    I also happen to think that Corbyn would be worse than a no deal. People have forgotten what Marxists do.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m with Richard North on this one. We’re either not leaving, or leaving with no deal. The bovine stupidity of both sides means that is the only realistic prospect now. It’s not inconceivable that we get no Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn, a double whammy.

    I tend to agree and I’ve been thinking about what happens if we end staying in. As our MPs have declined to accept full responsibility for running the country they should have severe reductions in pay and staff allowance, possibly lower than local councillors who at least have to get pot holes fixed and bins emptied.

    I’m also starting to think that we should end Burke’s idea of representatives. With Google and lots more time on our hands we can become an informed electorate and perhaps we should reduce them to the role of delegates and set up “people’s juries” or similar to instruct them how to vote.

  13. @Newmania spunk of land owner lover.
    I can name 12 self-governing territories in Europe that are not in the EU and avoided post-war Communism.
    Can you name the one that is a schithole and explain why?
    All the others are richer than their nearest EU neighbours. If you could have been born anywhere in Europe in 1946, which territory would you have chosen?

  14. What with having to give speeches to cheering crowds, Counting the 2 1/2 million quid donated by 100,000 new party supporters & planning to wipe the floor with the two major parties at the Euros, do you think Farage will have the time to give the attention these questions from a retired accountant in a modest end terrace in Ely deserve?

  15. Bongo- if you can name one that does not have to accept Freedom of movement ….. and , pretty much anything lese the EU tells it

  16. @Newmania
    You appear to be supportive of the excellent argument for signing up to the EEA agreement. And for getting out of the EU’s worst institutions and programmes which imv are the EP the EC , the CAP and CFP. Centralised cohesion funding close behind is also an abomination.
    So why do you reject the EEA option? Are you seriously claiming that all these prosperous non-EU territories are populated by idiot voters?

  17. @TG

    “No deal only affects trade with the EU”

    Except in so far as it affects trade deals we have with other countries via our EU membership. Some messy business there.

  18. America left British rule with no deal, and they did ok after we stopped trying to invade them.
    Ireland left British rule with a deal, and they did ok after they stopped trying to kill themselves.

  19. Bongo – The best deal is the one we have got but the second best by a long long way is exactly the sort of EEA arrangement you mention IMHO. Being in the EEA would save the country form a long term lower growth decline .
    In fact it is this solution that according to Polls the most people object to least ( so to speak), which shows that not all Leave voters are as extreme as we are told

  20. if you can name one that does not have to accept Freedom of movement ….. and , pretty much anything lese the EU tells it

    “The minimum amount required by the Monaco government for a residency application is € 500,000 per main applicant.” Nice open borders they’ve got then.

    Swiss is cheaper, but far slower.

  21. @Newmania – evidence please?
    Which of the non-EU territories that avoided communism is worse off than its nearest full EU member?
    You basically stand to inherit land or love sucking cok popping out of a tweed suit.

  22. Bloke in North Dorset

    Good thread here about Freedom of Movement and how Remainers don’t understand it.

    “A significant percentage of Remainers believe themselves to be morally superior to Leavers.

    In my discussions with them, I’ve tried to trace the source of this particularly obnoxious moral-supremacist stream.

    Where does it come from?”

  23. Chester – Monaco – Can I assume you are not suggesting the Uk ( by magic) becomes Monaco ?Honestly I don`t know what its arrangements are – hardly matters does it

    Bloke in North Dorset – I know what you mean about remainers but I still think that prioritizing ethnic purity over security prosperity jobs the debts we dump on our children , services … and so on is an extreme position given the levels of European migration and (let us not forget) quick integration .
    Funnily enough the “white English” ethnicity ( a category in which I would include my own mixed race family so not white literally) , has grown as a proportion due to EU workers quickly acclimatizing and having ” English ” children
    I do take cultural cohesion seriously and I do think it is not on to pretend there is no English people
    I don`t think the wild and irresponsible solution makes any sense

    There are more moderates , like me that you might think

  24. @ Newmania
    Have you heard of Switzerland? It doesn’t grant residency permits to unemployed Romanians.

  25. John77
    Ever heard of the Schengen area ?
    We are not in it, Switzerland is

    Ye gods the ignorance

  26. Newmaniac, ye gods, your own ignorance is on display.

    Netherlands is in the Schengen area. All that means is that EU and other exempt nationals are allowed to travel freely without a travel visa. In order to stay you have to1) be gainfully employed, 2) register with the Dutch tax authority, 30 register with the local authority where you are staying and 4) after 5 years apply for permanent residence.

    Just like it is in the UK that isn’t in the Schengen area. Schengen means fuck all.

  27. Last week on the TGV from Turin to Paris, we were stopped at Modane and the gendarmerie boarded to inspect everyone’s passports/ID. Most unusual (at least, it’s never happened to me there, before), but I wasn’t sufficiently interested to ask them why.

  28. Hard borders? In 2002 I drove from London to Florence, via Swiss. Up in those passes there were no borders. Not that the Swissers don’t like their borders, and quite rightly.

    Wossitlikenow? Anyone know?

  29. m’Lud
    On the main routes (I am most familiar with Basel and the Gottard) the only thing the Swiss care about is does your car have a Vignette (40Fr).
    Long ago (1995?) I once drove over the Stelvio pass, no controls CH to IT but on the return journey I discovered the Italian side closed at 8pm with Caribeneri on guard.. 27 hairpin bends uphill, then 27 hairpin bends down again to take the long way round.

  30. Chris Miller, they may have been looking for a specific person, or they may have had nothing better to do and felt like flexing their muscles, or it may be security theatre by trying to get you to spread the word so that people who are on a watchlist think twice before travelling on this route.

    Jon Worth (seriously pro-EU) has asked them why and they can’t answer satisfactorily except to imply that EU rules are selectively enforceable or ignorable.

    Not sure of the relevance of the unemployed Romanian. If he has a job offer he will get a Swiss residency permit. If he doesn’t have a job why would he want to live in Switzerland? Anyway as the linked Twitter thread explains, if he doesn’t have a job or money, he has no right to live in any other EU country either. He is also allowed to enter Switzerland to look for a job but Swiss employers can somewhat discriminate against him. However, Schengen means he can go to Switzerland and work under the table relatively easily. But since the UK doesn’t currently enforce the deportation of unemployed / failed jobseeking EU migrants he can also come to the UK despite not being in Schengen.

    Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein are tiny countries with a high proportion of rich people that didn’t spend a large amount of their natural resources and population to fight pointless wars. Remember the whole initial point of the EU was that France and Germany were so scared of fighting another war that they felt the best way to prevent it was to set up another level of government.

  31. Thanks, John. I guessed that might be the case. I was once on a train from Innsbruck to Garmisch that was met by the local police. A few dusky-hued people were carted away. I assume they’d had a tip-off.

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