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There are two ways of reading this

From a PR email:

Dismay as new report reveals that health inequalities continue to disadvantage older LGBT people

· – LGBT men and women aged 50+ have poorer self-rated health and are more likely to have other conditions that impact their health and wellbeing

· – Action is needed to improve health outcomes of the older LGBT community by enhancing inclusivity of mainstream health and care provision, strengthening training of health and care staff and enhancing data collection

Could be that the entire NHS is homophobic, sure. Or lesbophobic, qphobic and so on.

Could be that not being heterosexual is damaging to your health. And there are certainly good reasons why the second could be true. Anal sex is more likely among the male and gay, anal sex plus promiscuity is well known as an HIV risk. Lesbians are less likely to have children than hetero women, the largest risk for breast cancer is to not bring a fetus to term and then breast feed it – that’s why nuns have such a high incidence.

I do not insist on either answer. But we do need to find out before we decide what to do about it.

13 thoughts on “There are two ways of reading this”

  1. The clue may well be in the term “self-rated”. It may just be that older LGBT people are glass half empty, whining hypochondriacs.

  2. It’s not just the manlove that’s bad for you, it’s the hedonistic lifestyle very many gay guys enjoy (drugs and booze and dancing the night away with glosticks).

    It’d catch up with anyone.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Good point from DocBud there: they might just be miserable and unfulfilled.

    Identitarians of whatever stamp insist on the normality of their group but insist on exceptions and exemptions peculiar to themselves.

  4. Right, DocBud. As ‘self-rated health’ is not a thing, this is likely an expression of self-loathing.

    ‘Action is needed to improve health outcomes of the older LGBT community’

    Why? We have no evidence that they aren’t getting the same shitty care as everyone else.

    In Before NiV.

  5. They are wealthier as a demographic though, not having children. So punitive taxation for gay people to redistribute to families with children, for equality’s sake?

  6. I’m with Steve on this. In my experience, gay blokes are far more likely to be still hammering coke, pills and ketamine in middle age.

    The “poorer self-rated health” is probably just because they filled in the questionnaire on Suicide Tuesday.

  7. Gimme My Compo!

    “The product is flavoured with smoked salt which gives it its distinctive taste.”


    Can you imagine the Mirror giving the time of day to a recent Catholic convert, who keeps Friday meat-free, making exactly the same complaint?

  8. ‘we do need to find out before we decide what to do about it’

    Who’s this ‘we’ of whom you speak?

  9. The gross abuse of State power and the immorality of forcing your population to lie.

    George Orwell’s 1984 can be over-used, but really it has come into its own when dealing with this transgender phenomenon.

    In the next few years the UK and US governments will ask their people to believe that 2 + 2 = 5. It is that simple.

    They will ask for millions upon millions of people in sports bodies, schools, universities and businesses not only to accommodate, accept, or tolerate a man living like a woman, but to believe, to really, really believe, that a man is in fact a woman. They will use the power of the State to impose this unreality upon us – namely that men can transform into being women on the subject’s say-so alone

    There are men and there are women according to their biological sex which cannot be changed.

    And Theresa May and the rest of them in government can wave around their hands as much as they want – there is truth and there are lies. And the truth is that transwomen are men. The end.”

    I’m acceptive of TS/TV, but state forced acceptance is wrong and counter-productive. Also, TS/TV must accept if the look like a hirsute rugby prop they will encounter resistance.

  10. it is about time that us left handers were recognised for the oppressed minority that we are.
    Do away with right handed doors, violins and the like.

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