This is actually true

I was asked if someone could quote me.

Sure, quote away. I’m still fully in touch with my inner child, both surprised and delighted that the adults pay attention to anything I say.

I dunno, maybe there’s a stage of life when I’m supposed not to think or feel this way. Haven’t got there yet, obviously.

15 thoughts on “This is actually true”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    For reasons I won’t go in to I was browsing the people who follow you on Twitter and was quite impressed.

    OK, it was boredom while I was flat on my back while I kept by leg elevated to get over a bout of gout.

  2. @BiND
    Take allopurinol as a prophylactic (unless you suffer from a very rare adverse reaction). If you have inherited familial gout (which is the case for most modern sufferers), then even if you don’t have a painful attack, you’re still probably carrying elevated urate levels, which aren’t beneficial.

  3. Chris Miller, I was prescribed Allupurinol. Didn’t agree with me at all. I take Glucosamine Sulphate & Cherry extract on a daily basis. Only get the odd gout attack when eating/drinking something I’m not familiar with as a trigger food. In my case, mangoes are the fruit of Satan.

  4. “maybe there’s a stage of life when I’m supposed not to think or feel this way”

    I’m a decade older than you and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

  5. Count yourself blessed. Some of us feel the burden of age before our time. And OBLJC (who I’m sure got mentioned at Downside) did say something about the kingdom of God being for the childlike.

  6. I sympathise, Henry. I’m lucky that I can take allopurinol, and have done for 25 years. No gout since my very first attack, and I can eat and dink whatever I like.

    In general, I’m very anti pill-popping – I don’t usually take paracetamol if I get a headache – but for me, it’s a godsend.

  7. Chris Miller. Agreed. Allo-P is a wonder drug as far as I’m concerned. Compared to the pain of gout, popping a pill every day is nothing.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Tanks for all the sympathy and advice.

    I’d heard about cherry juice before but I’m mildly allergic to fruit with stones in them, I get tingly lips.

    I used to take Allupurinol but I didn’t like the idea of being on a prescription pill for the rest of my life so I made a big effort and lost 15kg, which did the trick of bring my uric acid levels down. This was the first attack for about 5 years and I think was brought on by dehydration. I rather stupidly went to bed a bit thirsty instead of having a pint of water.

  9. BiND, other berries such as blueberry, blackberry and raspberry have similar effect to cherries. They are high in anthocyanin which helps neutralise the uric acid in the blood stream.

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