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This is quite fascinating

Penis extensions don’t work, study finds
Procedures carry high risk of complications ‘and should almost never be carried out’


“These procedures should almost never be done,” said Muir.


“Many men who wish to undergo penis enlargement procedures have an average-sized penis but believe their size to be inadequate. Sadly, some clinics seem to ignore this. Surgeons in the private sector should not do this. It’s wrong on every level.”

An unknown number of men who seek such treatment have either body dysmorphic disorder or penile dysfunction disorder, both of which involve an obsessive dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Body dysmorphia should not be treated by not very effective surgery.


26 thoughts on “This is quite fascinating”

  1. Tut tut Tim; if a person thinks his todger is too small, then it is. Similarly, if a man happens to identify as hugely-endowed, then it is offensive and problematic for his disappointed lovers to complain about mis-selling.

  2. What MC said.

    Men should demand a law that forces everyone to declare that their lover’s equipment was exactly the size and level of performance the owner self identifies as.

    Its no different to a man in a frock demanding to be called a woman by force of law………………

  3. It is much safer for any man ashamed, with objective justification, at the size of their male member to find a massive symbolic penis to deflect from their inadequacy.Typically this manifests as a big and/or expensive fvck-off motor, like a Ferrari.

    However, suitable alternatives exist. I understand room-sized model train sets can do the job equally well.

  4. Tut tut Tim; if a person thinks his todger is too small, then it is. Similarly, if a man happens to identify as hugely-endowed…

    That’s the same bloke, innit? Identifies as (and obviously has the brain of) Ivor Bigun but born in the body of Justin.

    Do trans-cocks have a preferred pronoun? Dude?

  5. @BraveFart… Over the years I have run Ferraris, Aston Martins and Porsches and I can assure you that I’m hung like an effing donkey!


  6. Dysmorphia is when a person has strong negative feelings that some aspect of their body is seriously flawed. In two thirds of cases sufferers are focussing on an actual physiological reality.

    Dysphoria is when a person has strong negative feelings that the actual physiological reality of their biological sex does not match their personal sense of gender.

    One set of strong negative feelings (two thirds of which are about a real body structure) is classed as a mental disorder. The other set (all of which are feelings about feelings) is not.

    Because reasons.

    (“D words” are used here in the context of the discussion)

  7. Confession: When I was 12 I mail-ordered one of those giant plastic test-tube vacuum pump enlargers, used it for months and no change.

    I bought stamps mail order too, so a little lie provided me with a cheque from parents.

  8. Just to clarify…

    Dysmorphia is when a person is mentally ill.

    Dysphoria is when a person is mentally ill.

  9. I’m worried now. My car is really big, it is a Ssangyong Korando, I never regarded it as a status symbol as it has a rather silly name. It goes quite fast and is a really brilliant workhorse, when you fold the seats down you can use it as a removal van. My watch is a Garmin Vivoactive 3 and was quite expensive, but not excessively so, it is really useful for co-ordinating my triathlon training. Will people think that I am hung up about the size of my willy?

  10. “Will people think that I am hung up about the size of my willy?”

    No, just that you have no sense of taste 🙂

  11. I drive, or rather my chauffeur does for me, a supercharged 1931 Hispano Suiza Superleggera. My penis is the size of Birmingham, length and width and I’ve got 180 pounds with which to push it in. But I’ve got this tiny watch. A gift. Made by Apple, is it? It’s like a Hottentot slug on my wrist.

    No matter. My man, Greaves, always packs a granite sundial in the boot of the Izzer Swizzer, just so I can tell the time.

    Does Teresa May still tire us? I await an ironed tablet with tomorrow’s breakfast kidneys and marmalade.

  12. Pathetic bourgeois Johnny-come-lately. I only travel on a pillion chair carried by unemployed welsh coalminers,and I don’t care what time it is. Anyone with an appointment will just have to damn well wait.

  13. A survey done in the USA some years ago (by female porn stars, I believe), concluded that men are either ‘growers’ or ‘showers’. The ‘growers appear to have an average, or small, sized penis, which enlarges more, in proportion, than those built like a donkey. In the event, both have a similar sized erection. Those who have a very large flaccid penises rarely, apparently, experiences a full erection.
    Of course, I have never had, or want, the opportunity of checking this out!

  14. @Penseivat May 12, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Correct. Erect sizes are similar. Flaccid, mine is small & sometimes tiny esp if cold – I can watch it change as I inhale/exhale

    Erect: sometimes Mrs Pcar can’t take full insertion.

    tbh imo small flaccid is good

    Thank God I’m anon here!

  15. BTW, there is a scientific average; which is, of course, the average of the uglies known to science.

    Unsurprisingly, independent measurements are below self-reported. We are not informed if the health professionals doing the measuring were retired East German shot putters and Diane Abbott’s ugly sisters, so we cannot conclude if the results were skewed.

    Also unsurprisingly, the scientific average is substantially smaller than the ones (people tell me they have) seen on porn studs.

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