Veganism is child endangerment

Or so the Belgians tell us:

Doctors in Belgium have called for parents who raise their children as vegans to face prosecution after a number of deaths in schools, nurseries and hospitals.

It is estimated that 3 percent of Belgian children are forced to follow the strict diet, which rules out any animal products, including dairy and eggs.

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium published a legal opinion on Thursday, which could influence future court judgments and is the first time a health authority has taken a position on veganism in the country.

The opinion said it was unethical to subject children to the diet because it didn’t include animal proteins and vital amino acids which can help growth and prevent health problems.

The vegan diet could only be made safe for growing children if complemented with medical supervision, regular blood tests and vitamin supplements, which most parents were not qualified to provide.

“We must explain to the parents before compelling them,” said Professor Georges Casimir, who led the commission that wrote the report, “but we can no longer tolerate this endangerment.”

Thin end of wedge stuff, isn’t it?

Yes, unless very well done, very carefully contrived, a purely vegan diet isn’t good for growing bodies and minds. So, a few marks in favour of the illegality. Yet giving the state legal power over diet? Many points against. Imagine what Public Health England would do with such a general power….

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  1. As usual, there are plenty of existing laws that against child abuse that could be employed against vegans failing to feed their children properly. If any meat-eating family had a child who looked like an Ethiopian famine victim, you can bet that social services would not be asking guidance from the Royal Academy of Medicine in Belgium.

    Still, any excuse for more legislation and more regulation.

  2. Bloke in Germany

    Being Belgium, why don’t the vegans just euthanize themselves?

    It would prevent the mass killing of animals inevitable in any farming, and reduce their carbon footprint to zero.

  3. It is possible to live healthily on a vegan diet but it requires detailed knowledge of plant based nutrition to ensure that the elements normally obtained from meat, fish eggs and dairy products are present. Obviously if you just adopt a vegan diet without acquiring such knowledge, you are going to get malnutrition.

  4. The Flem boss class is amongst the worlds’s worst on the –so far–non-murdering side of the roster.

    From King Leopold to the ESpew–a clear line of “progression”–as in proggievil.


  5. “vegans failing to feed their children properly”

    Well, that’s the point.

    Vegans can eat a healthy diet.
    Vegans can eat an unhealthy diet
    Omnivores can eat a healthy diet
    Omnivores can eat an unhealthy diet.

    “it requires detailed knowledge of plant based nutrition”

    Or a quick google to the NHS ‘eat well – the vegan diet’ website and, I guess, 20 minutes reading time.

  6. @Julia

    Cos it’s the kids innit? I think it’s easier to feel more Darwinian about adults putting themselves to an gene-propagating disadvantage if it didn’t affect others. But you gotta have a wee bit of sympathy – or righteous anger on behalf of – the sproggies here.

  7. I’d be all alongside capital punishment for vegans. Vile people. And entirely ethical. They don’t meat, they must be prey.

  8. Most vegans are leftie toss pods with no respect for freedom. They run rife amongst the SJW Nazi left, if they are receiving a dose of their own medicine, I am struggling to see protecting them from the voracious state as wise. Better we force them to understand the value of freedom first.

    Enough militant vegan pricks call for meat to be banned cause climate change…..

  9. I fear I may be a bit behind the curve here, but this thought has just occurred to me. If vegan = plant-based diet, do vegans breast feed their babies (it is an animal product, after all)? Is there a vegan substitute for bottle feeding?

    I’m sure I could Google it, but the answers here might be more interesting.

  10. @My BurningEars: “But you gotta have a wee bit of sympathy – or righteous anger on behalf of – the sproggies here.”

    Baby rats are cute and all, but still, they grow up to be rats. No time for sentiment when you’re keeping the population down!

  11. If the children of vegans are taken into care – for the above or any other reason – are they still raised as vegans?

  12. ScottR: Some of the more loony vegans do indeed refuse to breast-feed their babbies.

    A vegan friend of mine went full omnivore when she was pregnant and nursing, specifically to ensure she wasn’t imposing her food beliefs on other people. By the time her children got to secondary school they had gone vegan on their own accord (tho’ influenced by their environment).

    Both vegan and omnivore diets can be healthy or unhealthy, but it’s easier for vegans to fall into unhealthy eating as there’s a widespread beleif that a vegan diet is innately healthy in of itself, whereas it’s too easy for a vegan diet to be unbalanced and as unhealthy as any unbalanced diet. One of the easiest methods is to include fortified soya milk, but some people will see the fortification itself as a pollutant.

    My friend grew a lot of her own veg, so they were topping up their vital minerals through the bugs and muck stuck to the vegetables.

  13. Dennis the Peasant

    If you haven’t tried pointing out to a vegan how profoundly unnatural veganism is – given the development of the species – do try it.

    Loads of fun to watch them sputter.

  14. Dennis the Peasant

    Or a quick google to the NHS ‘eat well – the vegan diet’ website and, I guess, 20 minutes reading time.

    Really? You’re going to rely on the government for nutritional advice? America did that and now we’re all fat slobs.

  15. Vegans would get enough B12 and protein if they ate the weavils infesting stored grains and pulses instead of fishing them out.

  16. Veganism is purely a construct of the spoiled and useless West who think they can get fresh veggies from any part of the world at any time of the year. I knew a vegan couple who came to work in a remote area of New Guinea where the only reliable vegetable products were rice and sweet potato. After two weeks, they decided canned fish was a vegetable. After two months, they decided chicken was a vegetable.

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