Very twisted reasoning here

Trans people need to fight to protect abortion, this ban impacts us too


….but we face our own particular set of challenges on top of access to abortion. This includes access to sperm banks and freezing eggs to be able to pro-create, as hormone therapy and especially genital surgery can render people unable to conceive or get pregnant. Making sure trans people have access to this is therefore a reproductive rights issue.

So artificial conception is the same thing and cause as unconception?

12 thoughts on “Very twisted reasoning here”

  1. So…I’m to be forced to pay for both a tranny getting pregnant and the subsequent abortion? I’ll give them points for chutzpah at least.

  2. Economically could you argue they should be fighting to reduce abortions so that the supply of babies for adoption increases?

  3. So, those who were apparently assigned the “wrong sex” and under the mental anguish of this are prepared to mutilate themselves chemically or surgically to change it to the “right sex” in accordance with their gender, insist also that they must be able to preserve their “wrong sex” reproductive capability and, post-change into the “right sex”, use their saved eggs or sperm to reproduce as the old “wrong sex”.

    I’d call that fvcking barking logic and cake and eating it sort of stuff. Maybe even taking the piss.

  4. It’s part of the general bizarre nature of the whole trans thing.

    An acquaintance of mine (already fairly weird) decided he was a woman, divorced his mrs, and is now living as a “Lesbian” (I don’t think he’s had the chop) with a female partner. Other than the fact he now wishes to be called Lucy (and seems to be cleaning up quite well in the female amateur sports leagues) I’m unclear what exactly is different to him having just divorced his Mrs and found a new bird…

  5. Member that bit in Cabaret just before the normies get tired of all the weirdo sex perverts and decide to deplatform them IRL?

    The sun in the meadow is summery warm…

  6. Is happy inhabiting a male body, but identifies as a lesbian. Well, that’s one way of getting a shag.

  7. ‘reproductive rights’

    You are entitled to what God gave you.

    You want more?

    ‘as hormone therapy and especially genital surgery can render people unable to conceive or get pregnant.’

    Then don’t have the therapy or surgery, dumbass. You get to have the consequences of YOUR choices.

  8. Ah well, soon we’ll identify the genes that cause the nutjobbery of trannies and parents will immediately abort any fetuses (feti?) that test positive for it.

    Think of their support for abortion as evolution in action.

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