We knew there was going to be a trick here

That the Labour Party wants to renationalise the electricity and gas networks is true. That the Labour Party is insane is true. Even, that the Labour Party is insane to want to renationalise the electricity and gas networks.

But what was going to be the trick?

Pension funds deficits – these are already included in market prices. Asset stripping – the assets have been stripped, the current market price includes the fact that they’re gone. Stranded assets are already in the market price – they’re there at the price that the market reckons they’re stranded at. State of repair is in the market price. Current state subsidies are in the market price – past ones aren’t.

So, all of the adjustments which Labor says it will make are already made.

That is, they’re lying, they’re going to steal private property. But then socialists, eh? Pan-time and U-bend for the national economy….

8 thoughts on “We knew there was going to be a trick here”

  1. It’s probably the only way Corbyn and co can think of to smash capitalism and stop global warming. If you bugger up the energy infrastructure with unreliables then the economy will tank and we can all shovel shit on the communal farms

  2. A good part of what Labour have up their sleeve to placate the green lobby will potentially result in significant increases to heating and electricity bills. The obvious way to overcome this is to nationalise power companies and use taxpayer funds to subsidise/reduce utility bills. I would love to know which of us suckers will be footing the bill, and how commerce and industry can be expected to make any money.

  3. Keeping the Greens onside meant spiking a pipeline project locally and some new green fuel taxes, now everyone is complaining about our high fuel costs and the new hydro electric dam project has been tied up for years by the environmental groups. They really do want to send us back to the dark ages. Though by then the animal rights crowd will have banned exploiting animals for work so not even horse and buggy and back to the Stone Age maybe

  4. Some of you should look at the BBC website which looks at domestic energy prices and talks about rising costs starting from 1996 – after years of mandated reductions in real costs by the Major government and fails to mention that the largest element in costs rises (apart from the volatile oil price) is the green subsidy to middle-class homeowners and windfarms by the poor consumer’s energy bills.

  5. Governments don’t make business decisions: they make political decisions.

    UK electricity and gas networks will be run by politics. Which in the splendid fascist West, they pretty much are already.

  6. It;s not the stealing that worries me, although obviously I’m not a fan. It’s whether we get to the point where they kill millions, as socialism always has, before we find a way out.

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