Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

Donald Trump dramatically increased pressure on China to reach a trade deal on Sunday by saying he would hike US tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods this week and target hundreds of billions more soon.

The move marked a major escalation in trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies and sent markets tumbling.

It also heralded a shift in tone from the US president, who had cited progress in talks as recently as Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday night that China was considering cancelling this week’s trade talks in Washington in light of Mr Trump’s comments that took Chinese officials by surprise.

I think I’d call this “negotiating”.

Donald is stupid enough ti impose more tariffs, is ignorant enough to think that trade wars can be won. But throw a curve ball at one minute to midnight? That’s just rambunctious negotiating….

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  1. I’m surprised Tim buys into the”Donald is stupid” meme. Whatever his personal failings, (which are many), stupidity is not one you’d normally associate with someone who defeated the Clinton mafia, spending half the amount, and has kept the Dems in a state of incoherent, febrile hysteria ever since. Trump’s aim is free trade world wide, he’s stated that often enough, and he’s ruthless enough to use every weapon at his command to achieve that. As Abe Lincoln said when receiving complaints about Grant’s personal habits, “but I like this man, he fights”. I like Trump, because he fights.

  2. and has kept the Dems in a state of incoherent, febrile hysteria ever since

    They were pretty incoherent, febrile & hysterical beforehand, but fair point.

  3. Hmm, I’m Win 7 and chrome and it’s just fine. Am onto the tech department…..

  4. May I point out that just because politicians tout something as a free trade agreement it doesn’t mean that it really is. You need to read the whole thing to know that. They could easily be both an improvement on what went before and seriously flawed. Given that they are all a hundred times longer than Tim’s pro forma I suspect that they all have a lot of protectionism built in.

  5. Kevin Lohse–Tim has a number of blind spots–the carbon tax crap esp–where his usual common sense turns to foolery.

  6. Bloke in Germany

    What are you fellow Win7 holdouts doing after the end of extended support? I have too many reservations about Lose10 to move.

  7. The US seems to be doing surprisingly well fighting this trade war. I’m sure Krugman would agree that it can’t be won and the markets will never recover, etc.

  8. @BiG @9:39
    It is a problem , isn’t it? I did run one laptop on W10 for a while. It was horrible. When I wiped the drive & reinstalled 7 it was like getting a new machine. Boot times went down 5 minutes to 30 seconds.
    I’ve got a phone running W10, as well. That’s just as bad. It started well enough but has got progressively more flakey. Crashes regularly.
    I’m seriously thinking about migrating to Linux for computer O/S’s I already have Android phones but I can’t say I enjoy an advertising platform masquerading as an operating system. But what’s one to do?

  9. ignorant enough to think that trade wars can be won

    Depends on what your war aims are, no?

    If we mean “maximise the total efficiency of the global trading system”, then of course trade wars do the opposite.

    But if we mean “use the presidential bully pulpit to reverse some of the domestic job losses caused by decades of global labour arbitrage” then the Donald appears to be winning bigly.

  10. Incidentally, I’m still using a couple of legacy machines for various purposes, not connected to the interweb. One on W2K. Other’s 95. It is a wonder how simple & sweet things were before they started building O/S’s for the mentally retarded.

  11. FWIW works fine on MacOS and Safari, the Contel that is. works OK on iOS as well.

    Not recommending a switch, but…

  12. Bloke in Germany

    Software is unfortunately not written for Linux. Yes, I know, there are alternatives, but there is no Linux version of photoshop/lightroom, or MS office.

    bis, yes, I hate the patronising, but more I hate the lack of control. The OS should be there to ensure everything talks to everything else properly. MS have never really got that bit working tbh, but the continuous updating of the “user experience, just when you have got used to the latest increase in effort to do any one task, the taking away of control (for “securidee reasons” I can’t schedule a task on a machine that isn’t password-protected, I mean, WTF), and the promise to spy on all of your locally-stored documents at the whim of any three-letter agency, or just so they can install crap on your system that you might want, is just creepy. And now enterprises are signing up to this thinly-concealed spyware.

  13. I’m with Kevin. Trump has done very well so far. I have no reason to believe he won’t be successful now.

  14. @BiG
    I’m thinking that I may do what I’ve done with my other legacy machines. For browsing the internet etc, any crap machine will do. So I’ll use a W10, just for that. With hardly any other ‘ware installed on it, should run a lot sweeter. The W7 machines can run the ‘ware I need & use, firewalled off. Just pass data through the firewall when I need to.
    Android I’ll just have to suffer. Windows Phone support expires at the end of the year. Don’t suppose it’ll do more than calls & SMS past that. What apps it’s using will become incompatible.

  15. BiG

    “What are you fellow Win7 holdouts doing after the end of extended support?”

    If specifically wrt security, then:

    LUA, SRP – ie a basic default deny (white list) combination (if using Pro), sandboxing (at least for the browser), browser lock down in any case (FF and umatrix/other), and other stuff. And all of which is perhaps stronger than any bloated anti-virus (black list) approach.

    “BiG – I’ll stop using Win 7 when they pry the mouse from my cold, dead hands”

    In the same vein, a spare W7 Pro box for when it’ll be needed to replace the current non frazzled one. And agreed, Linux sounds like an overdue move – something like Mint.

    If it’s ever to be the turd that is 10, it’ll be a cheap box used solely for whatever the specific client need is.

  16. My main development machine is XP, and zips along like a zippy thing. Also gets a page of code from ContiGraph, all browsers.

  17. Heard a brain-dead comment on BBC radio to the effect that Trump was playing tough so he could claim credit when it all eventually got agreed. Obviously the commenter didn’t understand negotiation as a skill.

  18. On continental tgraph:
    – works fine right now on Safari 12.1 on MacOS 10.14.4 on a Mac Pro
    – similarly for Chrome Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Could those who are suffering be the victims of an out of date page cacged by their browsers?

  19. Well, actually, it turned out to be the cache on he advertising server we use. But fixed now all the same.

  20. @Kevin Lohse May 6, 2019 at 7:51 am
    @Mr Ecks May 6, 2019 at 9:39 am


    Trump offered EU a free trade agreement at G8(?) meeting; EU said No

  21. @BiG

    Millions are still using Win XP SP3 without problem.

    I bet a lot of solicitors’ secs are still on Dos/Win3 and WordPerfect

    photoshop/lightroom, or MS office.

    Gimp and Libre Office ?

  22. Anymouse Cowherd

    Thankfully none of you work for me as I expect my team to seamlessly jump between OS’s. Most if my devs have Macbook pros multi-booting between MacOS, Windowsand Linux. If you are having issues with Win10 it’s because of PEBKAC.

    The only Win10 systems I’ve had to fix are ones owned by fools who don’t realise that the hack they used to do on win2k will make Win10 worse.

    Spend a paltry amount of cash on an SSD and even a 12 year old laptop hums on Win10/Linux and 2GB of memory.

    Oh and Linux, yea it’s great at pretty much everything except one thing, being a usable general purpose OS in the way Mac or Windows is. Frankly, if you are struggling to deal with the shift between Win7 to Win10, you’re most likely gonna be shitting your pink panties trying to figure out another OS.

  23. Bloke in Germany said:
    “What are you fellow Win7 holdouts doing after the end of extended support?”

    I’m still wondering whether I need to give up XP yet. But Windows 10 looks better than 7 for me; at least I can find the file manager.

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