Well, no, not really

Jared Harris:

Why does he think he had that block? “You’re so conscious of class growing up in Britain, and suspicious of that world and not feeling you belong to it.” But wasn’t he surrounded by posh actorly types when he was growing up? “No. My father had a massive mistrust of that world. The closest I would have got to that would have been through Rex.”

He remembers how she would turn up at his boarding school for visiting days, always late, always gorgeous in a giant hat and mini skirt. “The other boys would sit there and say why can’t your mother show up on time because their parents would turn up early and they couldn’t see the latest fashion she was wearing.”

Can’t say I recall that in the slightest but there we are. And at least in that side of life there weren’t that many posh people around. Still, observing the world now I do think it fun that one of his major collaborators – Peter Morgan – is someone he knew at that boarding school. Networks and connections do seem to matter after all.

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  1. Officially 31 people died as a direct result of the explosion, but the World Health Organisation estimates that 9,000 died from radiation exposure, while another estimate puts the figure as high as 60,000. It is believed that the area won’t be safe for human habitation for 20,000 years.

    Dunno bout that. Isn’t Chernobyl full of wildlife these days? And not the three-eyed, giant glowing radscorpion kind either – normal plants and animals.

    The last reactor in the plant was still producing leccy till 2000 AD, and presumably people still work there as it’s being decommissioned?

    Might take a couple of centuries for the cesium to completely dissipate, but 20,000 years sounds like bollocks.

  2. I suspect the hyper class consciousness, the feeling of not belonging, has a little to do with the Irish/Welsh side of things.

  3. So the son of actor Richard Harris and, by remarriage, Rex Harrison is a famous actor and claims to have a block about posh types although his mum went on to marry an Aitken and she is the daughter of a Baron Ogmore. Lovey twaddle. I bet he’d never be cast by Rocco

  4. All this class bollocks – he’s brought up in a wealthy family and went to boarding school. Isn’t he aware of which side of this class divide he is on? I suppose as an actor he’s a master at self-delusion.

  5. “Harris now lives in the US, but we meet in a London hotel”
    Didn’t his dad actually live permanently in a hotel like the savoy/ or the ritz in the 90s?

    “But there is something extremely attractive about him.”
    that extremely puts Simon in the category of unreliable narrator.

  6. Savoy. Which always did have serviced apartments – well, -ish – as a part of the set up.

  7. “20,000 years sounds like bollocks.”

    It’s nukes, innit? You’re required to talk bollocks.

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