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Well, no, not really

He is seen by many historians as the figure behind some of the greatest national projects of his time, and a loving husband who supported Queen Victoria throughout her reign. But Prince Albert gets too much positive press, historian Lucy Worsley has said.

He was dead by end 1861. She had another 40 years of reign to go.


And this is even more stupid:

Worsley told a packed audience of 1,700 people at Hay festival that Albert lacked emotional intelligence and manipulated Victoria for his own ends – namely becoming “king in all but name”.

If you’ve no emotional intelligence then you can’t manipulate people, can you?

25 thoughts on “Well, no, not really”

  1. You’re forgetting, Tim.

    Prince Albert was a ‘man’. ‘Men’ are bad.

    If men aren’t doing bad things, they are manipulating innocent, vulnerable (yet strong and capable) women to do bad things.

  2. If you’ve no emotional intelligence then you can’t manipulate people, can you?

    You’ve never met my wife! 😀

  3. I have never seen her except in trailers. I would gladly pay twice the licence fee never to see her, or Brian Cox, or David ‘there’s too many people, so it’s good that my nieces died in the tsunami’* Attenborough again.

    *if not, he’s a hypocrite.

  4. Brian Cox

    “There’s an invisible element…..all round us……we can’t see it…but without it we’d die…’s so mysterious….”

    It’s oxygen Brian, we know that for fuck’s sake.

    “There’s an invisible force…..all round us……we can’t see it…but without it we’d float off into space…’s so mysterious….”

    GRAVITY, Brian. FFS

  5. Andrew – 🙂

    I’ve just realised that Lucy Worsley and Philomena Cunk are two slightly different people.

    [On the suffragettes]: “They threw themselves in front of horses partly to highlight how unfair it was that women didn’t have a vote and horses did. And also because, being women, they really liked ponies.”

  6. Andrew C – that’s just using labels for things you cannot see. Could label one as Betty and the other as Bertha instead, still does not explain what they are.

  7. AndrewC

    I confess I did watch Brian Cox’s new programme on the planets this week and I will watch the coming parts of the series.

    The most interesting thing I found is that Cox seems to have had a lot of work done since I last saw him on the TV. He used to be reasonably pleasing on the eye, but seems to be mutating into a male Wildenstein with hooded eyes and an immoveable upper lip area. Quite a change.

  8. Rowdy,
    She’s a saucy little madam indeed. When wearing period clothes she likes to point she’s not wearing knickers because they haven’t been invented yet. Something to do with history, is she?

  9. The Meissen Bison

    Gamecock: ‘Emotional intelligence’ seems an oxymoron.

    If you read Andrew C’s post, it seems that Brian Cox is an Oxymoron too.

  10. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    It’s the speech impediment I tell you, her inability to say “entrepreneur” has me drooling…

    Alice Roberts, she’s the one that really gets on my tits, smug, irritating delivery. Was on the wireless this morning trailing her latest prog which proves that Global Warming is Very Bad. A female Dan Snow in the annoyance stakes.

  11. That’s what blokes are going to do.

    Look at all the stuff built in the modern world and what was built by chicks? The Body Shop, a bra company, a few fashion houses. Stuff that blokes just have zero interest in. But when blokes have even a tiny interest in something, like doing the cooking and vacuuming, they’re the ones improving it.

  12. Dennis the Peasant

    He [Albert] was a thinker, not a feeler. He definitely had a massive IQ. But today, in our leaders, I think we value something a bit different to that, we value emotional intelligence. That, I think Victoria had, and he didn’t.

    Absolute drivel. Laugh out loud drivel.

    Emotional intelligence? From Barack Obama? George Bush? Hillary Clinton? Angela Merkel? Justin Trudeau? Emmanuel Macron? Theresa May? Jeremy Corbyn?

    How about Donald Trump? Everyone claims he’s a moron, so I guess it’s a combination of Vlad Putin and emotional intelligence that got him to where he is.

  13. Dennis the Peasant

    She should forget about history and concentrate on being a little minx.

    She’s a saucy little madam indeed. When wearing period clothes she likes to point she’s not wearing knickers because they haven’t been invented yet.

    Women of any kind must be mighty scarce where you are.

  14. DtP,
    There’s a certain type of woman that may not be superficially attractive, but maybe has,lets say, a particular glint in her eye.

    I have a sneaking suspicion she would be interesting to get to know, and you can tell I’m not the only one on who’s radar she’s cropped up.

  15. Maybe having worked so hard to reinvent history to show the influence of all the people of colour and women that were so rudely overlooked by the white patriarchy they are concerned someone will do the same with the recognised female figures like Victoria and show the impact of the unappreciated white men in their life

  16. Victoria spent the rest of her long life mourning Albert to such an excessive extent that even the Victorians thought she should knock it off.
    Are we supposed to believe that Victoria was a strong, intelligent, independent woman and, at the same time, a weak, gullible puppet still in thrall to an insensitive manipulator decades after his death?
    I fear we are.

  17. BniC
    Yes, they really are running out of undiscovered female and non-European geniuses.
    “She was scandalously unappreciated!”, goes up the cry. Yes, just like the thousands of unknown men with her level of talent and achievement.

  18. @Andrew C May 31, 2019 at 9:15 am


    Brian Cox

    “There’s an invisible radiation…..all round us……we can’t see without it…and without it we’d die…’s so mysterious….”

    It’s the Sun Brian, we know that FFS.

  19. @Rowdy May 31, 2019 at 11:12 am

    Suzannah Lipscomb – yummy, I often miss what she’s saying and have to rewind.

    Hannah Fry – is nice too

    @BlokeInBrum May 31, 2019 at 3:27 pm


  20. Maybe all these female historians can latch onto the MLK revelations in the USA. It’s a great story! Better than a 150 year old corpse.

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