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Well, we all knew seagulls have no taste

Toddler attacked by seagull as she ate Greggs pasty

The Greggs coffee and bacon butty deal is pretty good. Pasties are of course delightful if good.

Then there’s a Gregg’s pasty.

But then we knew seagulls have no taste. Look where they hang out! Britain’s seaside towns not being the toniest of places these days, eh?

11 thoughts on “Well, we all knew seagulls have no taste”

  1. There are some very good pasties out there. I’d go out of my way for one from the Cornish Pasty Co.( No financial interest). I wouldn’t feed a Greggs abomination, nor a Ginster’s reclaimed camel of a pasty for that matter, to my dogs.

  2. When Greggs (of Gosforth) we’re starting up in the North East, the pasty’s were very tasty. I enjoyed them muchly, along with their peach Melba tarts (which seem to be only on sale in the north east). Of course, they were better in the day before their lurid orange colour was changed to insipid yellow as a result of EU bans on the responsible food colour. I still pop in occasionally for a steak slice. I have a soft spot for Greggs. FWIW, my one experience of a pasty from the Cornish Pasty Co. in Waterloo station, was one of playing hunt the meat. Dreadful it was. Agree entirely on – ghastly. I’m currently in Brussels. Have to give the continentals kudos for their pastries though, we just can’t match them in the UK. Continental patisseries – oh my, I always have to go out of my way to find one

  3. Agree entirely on Ginsters – ghastly. Sorry lost the reference to Ginsters in the first post.

  4. Unfortunately they hang out rather too much in Bath – I think a rather nice place

  5. Bath is indeed a nice place. So much so that both I and Bloke in Bilbao (who, unbeknown to both of us, or rather we were to each other, grew up about 50 metres from me) live hundreds even thousands of miles away from the place now. Flatcap Army, also sometimes of this comments section, stayed.

  6. Gregg’s get a lot of free advertising,, I’m coming to suspect if this wasn’t a Gregg’s pasty no national newspaper editor would give a toss about poor Freya’s ear.

  7. Greggs should open a chain down here. Greggs & the Spanish are made for each other. Greggs produces unbearably sweet & bland & the Spanish adore unbearably bland & sweet. And of course sponge. That there is another recipe for pastries & cakes completely escapes them. Everything is sponge. Even eclairs.
    The pasties’d go down well, too. Mystery meat’s a particular Spanish delicacy, much sought after. Empanadas they’re called here..

  8. I felt very sorry for the poor infant’s ear. I do wonder if she had a bruise when the piercing was done.

  9. @Will May 14, 2019 at 7:22 am

    I liked Ginsters chicken & mushroom pasty until a few years ago; I assume they changed recipe by reducing salt to comply with PHE/Gov’t “guidelines”

    Morrisons “Market Street” pies, pasties & sausage rolls are quite good – four large sausage rolls for 13p yesterday 🙂


    They’re everywhere now, I’m 10 miles from sea at Alt 780′ and the vermin are here & fighting corvids.

  10. Too many soap-dodgers and bints in flowy purple skirts in Bath. Plus tatts, dreadlocks and drunks.

    Although ill excuse a well-dressed and moderately well-behaved drunk.

    Splendid architecturalism, tho, obvs.

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