BBC pays experienced bid more than inexperienced.

In an email to staff, Allen said: “I regret that Karen has decided not to take this opportunity. I think it important to explain what has happened in this instance.

“As you know, we don’t have fixed rates for jobs. Instead we have pay ranges as agreed with our unions.

“In setting pay for this particular role we have taken the view that Roger and Karen would be doing roles of equal weight as Deputy Editors of the Radio Newsroom.

“We also took into account the fact that Roger has worked at or above this level for several years whereas Karen was offered this role as a promotion, with a significant pay increase.

“We think most people would understand that these factors would result in some difference between their individual pay.

That’s the entire NHS pay system entirely borked then, eh? What with annual increments ?

6 thoughts on “What bastards!”

  1. Obviously wasn’t committed and was only in it for the money so the wrong person for the job anyway

  2. The BBC understands this reality perfectly well when it applies to them, but expect that ‘understanding’ to vanish in hysterical articles about ‘gender disparity’ in pay at other companies or organisations.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Let’s play this out: Karen gets the job at the top of the pay scale and then spends the next n years whingeing that she’s gaining experience and not getting a pay rise.

    Let’s be thankful we’ve been spared the whingeing, which no doubt will have supplied plenty of Guardian articles.

  4. The automatic pay escalation with years experience is also worth keeping in mind for the “public servants haven’t had a pay rise in years”.

    Look at any individual and they will say, yes my pay has risen but we haven’t had a pay rise*.

    * this is also ignoring the increasing value of defined benefit pension entitlement accruals in a period of falling real rates

  5. @isp001

    There’s something in that, though I do know eg a local authority worker whose pay has genuinely been flat because there were no automatic increments for experience on his scale, and he hadn’t gone up any grades (as this required one of the people in the grade above to leave or a new job to be created, and neither happened).

    There’s some interesting research about individual trajectories in a recession and how many, indeed often most, still improve their financial position during those tough years (albeit maybe not as much as they would have done in the counterfactual), but those who are hit eg by losing their job get hit very hard indeed (eg because average duration of unemployment is much longer in recessions – fewer job opportunities and more competition to get them).

  6. She asked for advice from her children, aged (about) 12 and 8. Asking children? Such sophistication in problem solving. Thank fuck they kept her out of the newsroom. Close call for Aunty Beeb, and us.

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