What’s the left wing problem with this?

Four decades after she took power, 38% of working-age households now take more from the state in benefits, health and education than they pay back in taxes.

Aren’t we supposed to have a progressive state?

13 thoughts on “What’s the left wing problem with this?”

  1. The only way we’re going to solve this inequality problem is to give everyone a basic income of £80k – and a Ferrari.

  2. Bernie,

    You’d need a tax-free income of a darn sight more than £80k to run a Ferrari what with tax and insurance as well as the running costs – unless, that is, you lived in a tent, ate wild fruit and dressed in animal skins.

  3. “Four decades after she took power”

    Oh, FFS. You can’t *still* be blaming things on Mrs Thatch, can you? Even if she fucked up, that’s 40 years for the public to vote for governments to undo it.

    I bet Thatcher is up there pissing herself laughing at the grip she still holds on the left.

  4. Actually, he was doing quite well before giving way to Thatcher Disorder Syndrome. But then, blaming Thatcher allows him to overlook the carnage wrought on British society by the Blair/Brown terror.

  5. Its weird, Mrs T was in power for 11 years, yet in that time she managed single handed to force the entire UK State apparatus to do her evil work, not only that, but to continue doing so for the subsequent 29 years, 13 of which a Labour government were in charge for, who were obviously under her evil spell as well and totally unable to make any move against a single policy of hers.

    One wonders exactly how long she will have to be dead, let alone out of office, before people stop blaming her for anything and everything.

  6. Hard to concentrate on Chakrabortty’s word salad.

    I was struck by his cognitive dissonance. He is concerned for the existance of Britain; his solution is to stay in the EU.

    Wut? “To save the country, we have to destroy it.”

  7. Hang on – getting large numbers of the lower middle classes into the benefit system was the stated aim of Brown’s working tax credits system. Cos how was he going to get them to vote for Moah Welfare State (i.e. Labour) if they weren’t seeing any benefit from it themselves?

    And now this is Thatch’s fault somehow?

  8. Tim, your CT article on this has a typo. You say £71,200 in tax where I believe you mean £17,200.

  9. Let’s have 100% of households getting more from the State than they pay.

    Everyone then will have jobs in the forests where the money trees grow.

  10. Hmmm…

    Up to point; as it appears that immigrants from the older members of the EU, plus Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland make the only positive contributions. Immigrants from the newer EU members and non-European immigrants are a significant burden.

    The migrant population overall has a lower employment rate than the
    native population
    . ”

    Existing studies on the fiscal impact of migration on the UK most often
    find a small, positive net fiscal contribution––but the results are mixed.

    On average, we estimate that migrants made a marginally more positive
    contribution than natives in 2016/17. With the net negative fiscal implications
    of non-EEA migrants being more than offset by the net positive implications of
    EEA migrants, we estimate their combined average net fiscal contribution to be
    around £440 more per year than their native counterparts.

    From: ” The Fiscal Impact of Immigration on the UK – Oxford Economics.”


  11. What’s the left wing problem?

    I should imagine they are by now a bit confused.

    That’s why I’m a minarchist. I am lazy and none too bright, so minarchism requires little of me.

    On the other hand, were I an SJW technocrat forever juggling chemically-opposed jellies on the heads of pins, I’d be bound to have a headache.

    Stands to reason.

  12. @ abacab
    Of course it is Mrs Thatcher’s fault. She made workling men realise that they were better off under a Conservative government than under one run by Harold WillSoon and union bosses. So Gordon Bennett had to create a structure where the working man felt that New Labour was in his interests

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