You know how Frances Ryan’s numbers never add up?

We might be able to say why now.

That is, Frances Ryan is entirely clueless of the effects of recessions, economic downturns, on the income distribution. But then you know, Guardian columnist.

She’s ignorant, that’s all.

3 thoughts on “You know how Frances Ryan’s numbers never add up?”

  1. You didn’t half make a meal of it. Am I right in thinking that the argument is essentially that “the poor live off doles, in whole or in part, and doles continue to be paid in recessions”?

  2. @Tim W

    Re:“>…We do though have individual and mechanical temperature raising.

    …That’s exactly what clothes are and do. Thus the optimal solution is to set the ambient temperature for the group which prefers it lower. Anyone else having the option of another or thicker layer of clothing.

    Precisely because our temperature regulation technology is asymmetric – we insist upon a minimum level of clothing but claim no maximum – office temperature should be set for men, not women.”

    Spot on, if too hot in shirt & trousers no polite solution; if cold in shirt & trousers add cardigan/jumper/jacket.

    >20c is too hot for me. For me, max 15c is optimal for desk work, max 10c for physical work.


    It was indeed Brexit that killed British Steel. But not the fact of it, rather, the way that it hasn’t happened yet. A useful reminder that the thing which kills economies is uncertainty

    The truth is that British Steel died because we didn’t leave the EU on March 29th. Well done to all those who insisted we should not do what we said we would do – leave when we said we would.

    Yep, I’ve been saying that for years. Sadly, May, Hammond et al cite uncertainty as reason for not allowing No Deal overlooking Mays WA gives no certainty, only years more negotiating; thus prolonging uncertainty.

    Many businesses have publicly said No Deal may not be optimal, but it’s preferable to uncertainty eg Next & Wetherspoons

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