Among those with tinted orifices quite possibly

Tim N discovers an interesting physics paper:

Do black holes create polyamory?

11 thoughts on “Among those with tinted orifices quite possibly”

  1. Well, a lot of people in the poly scene have sufficient mass that their waistline is also a Schwarzschild radius.

  2. OT but can anybody offer advice?

    I am trying to restore my email account at Microsoft. Due to various circs I don’t fit into there autonmatic restoration program. I have been around the loops but no joy. I have e-mailed what they tell me are “live” agents but all they do is send links to the same programmed automatic loops that didn’t work the first time.

    Their entire global presence is on thye same phone system and I don’t expect to phone them but there MUST be some kind of email address or something to get help fixing problems the normal system can’t fix.

    Has anybody had a similar experience or know how someone can be contacted in Microsoft outside the normal frames?

    Thank You

  3. M. Ecks I recommend getting a third party do it for you. They will have the expertise and the patience. I lack these and this is my solution for me and for my clients. Their cost will be offset by your retained grip on sanity and usefully spending time elsewhere..
    In future don’t use MS email, not unless you are deeply committed to Office and it’s links to (paid for) Outlook.

  4. Ecksy
    Forget Microsoft. Either use free Outlook or install another free email client, such as Thunderbird. Also, forget Word etc and download the free MS-compatible Libre Office suite, or similar.

  5. Ecksy. Resign from the Free Stuff Army. Buy yourself a domain name & use the e-mail service comes with it. Thge if you get a problem, ring the helpline & they sort it. Because that’s what you’re paying for. Note the word PAY. TANSTAAFL

  6. Back on topic. I understood every word of that article, but not a single one of the sentences.

  7. They are using the word ‘monogamy’ in a very specific way related to quantum theory, hence the polyamory joke. Apparently ‘entanglement monogamy’ is a thing that quantum entities indulge in. If you want more details, ask a physicist, which I am not.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Completely OT

    About a year ago I wondered about the business model of those people who sell strawberries at the side of the road. Mrs BiND bought some today and they were a mixture of small and large ones, both outside the standard size sold in supermarkets. Might not be the only reason but seems plausible that those can be bought quite cheaply when the product is so highly seasonal and we’re in the middle of that season.

  9. BiND, on the few occasions I tried, on the A31, I didn’t think them particularly cheap. Certainly more expensive than the cheap own-brand ones at Tesco, unless you prefer them with a layer of exhaust fumes.

    Last time I tried, one was advertising a punnet for £1, so I stopped and asked for a couple of punnets, pointing to the ones on the table. “£6” said the man. “It says £1 each”, I replied. “Ah, these are the £1 punnets,” he said, reaching under the table and pulling out something that contained about five strawberries. I declined and left more politely than he deserved.

    It seemed to me their business model was to get people to stop, and then rely on them feeling they might as well buy something once they had done so.

    If you want cheap fruit, there’s a good market stall at the top of Cornhill in Dorchester, but I can never remember which days he’s there.

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