Doesn’t sound right

Rise of the ‘Foodie Call’ – up to one third of women date to get a free meal

Under The Rules nowt more than a meal until the third date anyway. Thus the number would likely be a little higher….

7 thoughts on “Doesn’t sound right”

  1. Is this one of those cases where ‘date’ means ‘have sex’?

    And thus it ought to read, ‘one third of women have sex for free food’?


  2. “Is this one of those cases where ‘date’ means ‘have sex’?”

    No, I think in this case it means taking offers of ‘dates’ involving being taken out for a meal, when they have no romantic interest in the man at all. Given the whole online dating miss match between male and female numbers, a woman would be getting numerous expressions of interest online, it would be pretty easy to engineer almost any of those into a date pretty quickly and have an almost endless supply of free dinners.

  3. we need to know what the failure rate of the wizard ruse is. How many times the woman date for the food but ended up in an unwanted loving relationship?

  4. Or how often the man wouldn’t pay for the meal and wanted to split the bill, they can’t all be chauvinistic pigs who think a woman can’t pay for her own meal

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