How cliche can we get?

A divorcee already worth £90 million has won the right to fight to sue her former lover in the UK over tens of millions of assets after serving court papers on him via WhatsApp.

Mandy Gray, 50, is fighting Hamish Hurley, 46, her former fitness coach and physiotherapist after branding him an “emotionally abusive gold digger”.

Ms Gray was previously married to the wealthy American investment banker, Randy Work, walking away with a £90m settlement after they separated in 2013.

She then began an intense six-year relationship with Mr Hurley, her former personal health coach,

More traditionally you just shagged the gardener or pool boy rather than running away with him…..

16 thoughts on “How cliche can we get?”

  1. Best ever Sun headline: Mile High Mandy Gets Randy on Brandy.

    Here we have Mandy fleeces Randy for Burley Hurley.

    Thank you, thank you.

  2. Mandy Gray, 50, is fighting Hamish Hurley, 46, her former fitness coach and physiotherapist after branding him an “emotionally abusive gold digger”.


  3. I am sure, not, that the decision to hear this pantomime in the UK has nothing to do with the fact that costs will go to British legal bods.
    To add to the pantomime, if the court papers can be served via whatsapp, why not have the whole court case take place on whatsapp?
    Popcorn time, I think, for those sad people who can be bothered to follow it.

  4. So she got her money in a divorce, demanding tens of millions from her ex when she left him for another man, but is now objecting that the second man is demanding a huge divorce payoff from her?

  5. Gray, 50, shades Hurley.

    Could have done better with a photo of her wearing shades.

    Anyway, she didn’t ever marry the personal trainer, so I’m guessing she put assets in his name and is trying to reclaim them (good luck!) or he is retiring to claim joint ownership via some NZ cohabitation law

  6. She already gave him the pressies and now she wants them back. So, how does an English civil court force an NZ citizen living in NZ to hand over assets also in NZ?

  7. RlJ, that could happen if, for example, the English court finds as a fact that they are really hers (perhaps because she gave them to him based on him telling her he’d give them back if she asked). She’d then have an English court judgment which I would be amazed if she could not enforce it in NZ.

  8. Edward Lud
    Thanks for that. I thought it would be more difficult.

    On the other hand, 20mil over 6 years is about a grand a night, which seems about right for a high end escort.

    I wonder what the chances would be of getting the money back if the sexes were reversed.

  9. “if the sexes were reversed”

    You know they can do that now.

    So Ms Gray had an intense six-year relationship with an emotionally abusive gold digger. Says more about her than him. He can use this as his defense.

  10. This is one case where I hope the lawyers take the lot. But then drop down dead. The perfect ending.

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