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How Joyous

A proper bit of pendantry about Rod Liddle’s column today.

Yes, we can see, “enriched uranium” sounds so much more, well, more, than “uranium”. Except enriched uranium is actually less dense than natural or unenriched uranium:

9 thoughts on “How Joyous”

  1. Well, let’s be honest…
    Any politician who displays a working knowledge and understanding of physics ( or basically any subject dealing with the Real World™) would be disenfranchised by his peers faster than a F1 pitstop..

  2. I’ve been on the piss all day so maybe it’s that but I don’t get how the link relates to this post…

  3. I sneeze in threes

    Has it been unfairly enriched, do we need to re-distribute the enrichment amongst the other elements?

  4. A much commoner bit of twaddles is when someone announces that the air is hot, humid, and heavy. As a metaphor “heavy” is just fine. But at the same pressure and temperature humid air is lighter than dry air. (Because 18 < 29.)

    And, of course, other things being equal, hot air is lighter than cold air.

    Often it won't matter a button but I did see recently some idiot basing an argument on taking "heavy" literally. Was it Grauniadballs? Probably.

  5. 10-4, dearieme. A lot of golfers have it wrong. They’ll even argue over it, they are so sure.

    “Often it won’t matter”

    Our lives depend on it. There’d be no rain without it.

  6. @ dearieme & Gamecock
    The colloquialism “heavy” refers to the *feeling* of weight caused by higher atmospheric pressure.

  7. @John 77

    High pressure brings bright clear weather. Low pressure systems generally have higher humidity.

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