I might have taken a slight liberty with Owen’s argument

Owen Jones Is Entirely Outraged MPs Get Maternity Pay – Death Of Democracy Stuff

6 thoughts on “I might have taken a slight liberty with Owen’s argument”

  1. You’d get a better class of MP if you raised the age of eligibility to 45 to ensure real world experience like raising a family and creating wealth; and kept out anyone who’d worked in the civil service, quango, NHS or state education on the principle they’d already had a turn at the tax payers’ teat.

  2. If we should not be paying MPs whilst they are not doing their job because they chose to get pregnant instead why should anybody pay anyone who is not doing their job for the same reason.
    In short why should anyone be allowed to have their cake and eat it?

  3. Wives up and down the land ought to be rather angry that their husbands’ money is being used to support Other Women.

  4. Presumably, he’s also against pensions. My Dad gets money put into his bank account every month, and he just sits around the house reading, or walking through the lake district.

  5. @ jgh
    Lucky him! or a wise choice of where to live post-65.
    My state pension gets paid every four weeks so it’s sometimes twice in a month.

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