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Isn’t this just a lovely confluence

They also put together a list of demands for executives to address what they considered “rampant” sexism and racism at the company. CEO Sundar Pichai

Yeah, the American company whose CEO is an Indian immigrant is guilty of rampant racism.

16 thoughts on “Isn’t this just a lovely confluence”

  1. ‘An employee who helped organize the worldwide Google walkout last year says she’s quitting — because her managers have been punishing her for her activism.’

    How is this possible?

    Disrupting company business is a HUMAN RIGHT!

  2. Hmmm. Is racism limited to white vs everyone else? You’ve never heard comments from Chinese about Filipinos or Mexicans about Guatemalans?

  3. Is racism limited to white vs everyone else?

    In the west, yes it is.

    The establishment want you gone. Are you paying attention?

  4. @Chris

    … or French about Belgians, Germans, Italians, Americans, British… anywhere


    … or Indians about Pakistanis

  5. Off topic but I see another block of flats has gone up in flames in London.

    The block supposedly had 40 residents so look out for 350 vibrant people demanding to be put up in the Ritz for a couple of years while rejecting any attempts to rehouse them as unsuitable because it doesn’t come with room service.

  6. @Pcar. Your train wreck is happening at a school in Birmingham at the moment. The Gays have won the last battle; Court Injunction. If an election draws close the Muslims might win the Battle of We-want-your-dodgy-postal-votes which could end this part of the war. Until the LGBT side gets professional with voter fraud too.

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